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I'll be back soon. In one form or another. 
I will write again!



Lena Hoschek SS2015

Lena Hoschek who is famous for her feminine retro style has outdone herself again with a collection of no less than 74 outfits! The shapes have pretty much stayed the same with a touch of 50ies and 60ies swing and a lot of ethnic influence on the prints and accessories. The turbans are definitely my favorite accessory of the collection and probably the whole season! With models from different ethnic backgrounds, Lena has departed from her typical paleskinned model-type, which only adds more character to her collection. I always love Lena Hoscheks shows, the models are smiling, the music is good, it's always a total joie de vivre experience! And I am in love with the yellow coat <3


Julian Zigerli SS2015

The opening show for SS2015 Fashion Week Berlin was Julian Zigerli with his notorious prints. All created by hand they float like fluffy cotton candy over the somewhat businesslike suits. Along with pastels in grey, rose and yellow tones, Zigerli used some fresh raspberry, babyblue, tangerine as well as classic black and white. Although I am not a big fan of the see-through, synthetic outfits I have to say this is the best collection of Zigerli yet! Here are some of my favorite outfits on the runway!
(all pictures by mercedes benz fashion week)


Official Schedule Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin SS2015

The official schedule for MBFW Berlin Spring/Summer 2015 is here!
I don't know yet which shows I am going to see, but I will keep you posted...


Discover: Trendtation

This is my article in the May issue of miniguide.es


May 1, 2014


Silly Sunday Style: Coco Avant Chanel

"I spend my Sunday afternoons dressing up for nothing. I don't actually go anywhere."

Today I watched Coco Avant Chanel (again) and I felt inspired to copy some looks of the movie. I rummaged a little in my closet and dug these outfits out. First I was Adrienne, Chanel's sister, a soft and delicate woman in the early 20th century. Then I became Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, a strong independent woman in the 1950ies, as she is seen at the end of the movie. Which one do you prefer?


Posing With Pineapples

Okay, I haven't written in a month. But on a totally unrelated notice; I am crazy about pineapples!
I think everybody is, actually. The fruity trend was already walking the runway in spring 2011, but I think now it finally became street-ready.
This spring you can't have enough pineapples in your closet! And they invade the home department too, just check out the amazing wallpaper. I would love to have that in my kitchen.
And if you fancy a good laugh, just google "posing with pineapples"
Happy Spring!