an ever young community

Yesterday I had my first real shopping trip in the city center of Barcelona.
What can I say? Lots of tourists.
Besides that I found a nice label called PULL&BEAR. They have a very down to earth fall/winter collection with some really cool details in it...


smells like... perfume!

Today I discovered the smallest museum I've ever been in. It was hidden in the back of a beauty retailer and had the tiniest sign, so you really wouldn't notice it from the street. So, through the backdoor of the shop I got in one (and only that one) room, filled with millions of perfume bottles. It was as if I've slipped into a secret world. The bottles, which had every shape and color you can imagine, were chronologically sorted, but most of them didn't have a date or any other information.



I was told about a little designer market today that found place in the gothic barrio from Barcelona.
There were a lot of promising designers as well as in fashion, jewellry and other accessoires.
These are my favorites.


every end has a start

Finally I am starting my blog.
The reason I could not get started is the great, grand mess in my head about not knowing who or what I want to be in my life. What I want to do. And what I want to be known for.
A great career in fashion design? If only I could decide for one style.
Being a very good writer about my funny love life? If only I could put it in written words.
A devoted make-up-artist? If only that would work on someone elses face.
Making ends meet as being an illustrator? If only I could finish one drawing.
Finally a personal meets lifestyle meets beauty meets street-style-paparazzo meets journalist meets fashion blogger? Well... we'll see about that.

And the funny love life...? Sorry to tell you but that's kind of staying funny stories for my friends.
Let the adventure begin!