smells like... perfume!

Today I discovered the smallest museum I've ever been in. It was hidden in the back of a beauty retailer and had the tiniest sign, so you really wouldn't notice it from the street. So, through the backdoor of the shop I got in one (and only that one) room, filled with millions of perfume bottles. It was as if I've slipped into a secret world. The bottles, which had every shape and color you can imagine, were chronologically sorted, but most of them didn't have a date or any other information.

A holder made from metal and nacre, Great Britain around 19th century.
Okay, maybe you think wtf is this bear doing there but the plate says:
1957 flask designed for the 1st anniversary of the company Christian Dior
Limited edition and signed by Christian Dior himself.
No name, no date, but in the box is, or was scented nacre powder.
A collection of boxes which I believe, contained scented powder.
These didn't have a date either, just the name Famous Name Perfumes.
They are tiny glass vials, which can be broken in the middle to release the perfume.
Ingenius, right? Okay, maybe a bit dangerous because of the glass splinters...


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