So yesterday I was thinking, what about these people doing these 365-projects-a-year-things. Does that really lead on to something. Does it make you happier?
I came to the conclusion I would start my own project.
One question a day, for one year.
Doesn't have to be all those meaningful questions like Where is life going? (anyway where is it going?) but you know regular questions that pop into ones head from time to time and then, if not answered quickly, disappear again. What if you just write them down, day after day? Maybe gets your head lighter. Maybe fuller. Maybe you'll find answers. Maybe you won't. Or maybe it just isn't the purpose of finding an answer.
I'll try and let you know from time to time how it's going. And of course, share some of my questions with you. Which you are kindly invited to answer, if you like to.

1. Does love always has to be dramatic?


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