Question number 9

Does wanting makes us better people?

The Christmas scenery nearing, all the glistening eyes and kinder wishes make me wonder.
There’s so much to want, so much to buy. So much to wish for. I mean if I could, I would buy new accessories almost every other day. Lately with some cash-flow problems, walking through a very hip and trendy designer neighbourhood, I saw at least four items I put on my wish list immediately.
But did they only become so desirable because I couldn’t buy them right away? You got to make a difference between “need-to-have” “want-to-have” and “want-to-have-because-you-can’t-have”, right?
How many things you need to have is a discussion I will not get into, however what really interests me is how many things a person wishes to have.
If I walk through the shopping area it is almost impossible for me not to want any of those things.
I always admired people who could say, “well this is nice, but I don’t really need it” or even better, just don’t say anything, put it back in the shelf and not buy it. How do they do it??
And why does it cost me so much strength to walk past shoe stores?
Clearly, I would by a pair of shoes instead of buying dinner.
That’s a nice diet, you might think, but it can be kind of exhausting. How do you explain to other people you have no money left to go out for drinks or food but just bought a really fancy dress? And, especially in my case, how do you plan on moving from city to city, with always new bought stuff?
At a certain point of time full is full, whether it is the wardrobe, the suitcase or the moving box…
So what is the solution? Getting rid of some old stuff, you’re not wearing anymore anyway? Well, that’s what I tried, and I must say it was a nice try and I made some money with it too. (To buy new stuff, what the hell…)
So, for a minute there, I had more space in my wardrobe. But still, the suitcase stayed the same size, logically. I came to Barcelona with the most minimalistic wardrobe EVER. And how am I supposed to stay nine month here without buying anything? I mean that’s just cruel.
Finally my answer to that (I must admit, very luxurious) problem would be to own a place with a really nice walk-in closet, where you can store all your sweet little purchases and where you can pick your favourites for travelling and all the rest of them wait nicely put in their place until you come home.

Anyway that’s what I want. 


  1. Haha, this is an interesting article. I am one of those people you mentioned that says, "this is nice, but I don't really need it." I think it came from a combination of things... like, for about a year and a half to two years, I was so poor that I could barely afford to buy food. I didn't even bother looking at the stuff I couldn't buy, like shoes and whatever. As that time passed, I realized how I was getting by with so little and I kind of liked it. The feeling of "want", just sort of goes away when you start to realize you can entertain yourself and live on so little. It makes other things seem excessive, unnecessary, and almost burdensome. I really liked being able to live minimally, and as I got more money, the desire of "want" never really returned. So now, I do sometimes want some things, but I never really buy them, because I see little use for them. The only "wants" I have are experience, like traveling, or something. I find that buying more equals buying more. Like, how you mention having a walk in closet... if you buy more stuff, eventually you need to buy more space, more storage, more hangers, more containers(or get rid of stuff)

    Anyway, I also wanted to say that I like your blogger profile. I am also a person that can not decide exactly what I want to do... I have gone through the phases of wanting to design clothes, be a journalist and an illustrator, among other things. Thus far, I've settled on being a writer, but have recently been wondering, maybe a graphic designer would be more fun? I don't know. It's good to know I'm not alone in my decisiveness, though!


  2. hey :) well yeah it's nice to hear and see that you and i and probably a lot of other people are not alone with various problems ;) i still cannot decide what to do, i am studying some kind of fashion journalism as a postgraduate degree, so next summer i should know and decide with what i am going to earn money... so can you survive on freelance writing? you thinking about another study in the graphics department..? the picture on your blog with the toastie-face is so cute! <3 x

  3. Couldn't agree more. I started becoming more conscious of my budget once I got home from BCN. I'm the type of shopper who buys if I think I won't be able to see it anywhere else, and there were lots of those there, claro! Now I really sort the stuff I suddenly desire to buy, postponing the purchases up to the point that I don't want them anymore.

    ¡Hola Rosi! ¿Qué tal? How's your university college going? Managing with the Spanish? ¡Qué interesante! :D

  4. hey Sam ;) its all going well, spanish is getting better, and the univerity is also interesting :) greetings to the philipinas! x


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