How can I look good in bright daylight after a big party?

Good morning! Typically after a big night you have to get up in an unproportional way to last nights quantity of drinks and sleep. So what to do if you look like the worst version of yourself and you have to leave the house in a few minutes? Whether it’s because you have to sneak home (then I recommend leaving in two minutes) or because your family is waiting downstairs in the hall to have a nice long walk outside, you have to be quick but effective!

Here is my seven-minute-plan:

7 minutes left: Start by taking of the rest of your make-up. I find that the two phase oily make-up removers work very well for persistent mascara that likes to stay in the wrinkles around the eyes. I tried Clinique, Yves-Rocher and Hema, and they work all equally well, despite that they are completely different price ranges.

6 minutes left: Recently I discovered a brilliant product by Diadermine; Dermo Detox Cleansing Water. It not only removes the make-up but also takes away the pollution, for example from tobacco dust. It is very refreshing to use it, just spray it on a cotton pad and dab your face with it, your skin will be purified, soft and supple. This cleansing water is a good alternative when you have no time for your entire skincare program (clean, clarify, moisturize).

5 minutes left: Even if you are in a hurry I recommend applying some hydrating lotion or gel, before you go to the next step. I love Clarins Daily Energizer Cream-Gel. The name basically says it; it leaves your skin hydrated, with a fresh feeling and very supple. Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizing gel also does the work, it has a very light texture, thus is quickly absorbed. I prefer Clarins at the moment because of the delightful scent. But they are definitely both worth trying. Which I guess is not the first thought that crosses your mind when you have to get ready quickly.
I don’t know how it is with you guys, but when I have a hangover my body seems to move extremely slowly whilst the rest of the world is spinning.

4 minutes left: next step is a bit of make-up, but remember there is no time? This is where my darling City Block Sheer 25 SPF by Clinique comes in. It has no chemical sunscreens and protects your skin optimal over the day. It was developed to absorb excess oil from your skin and keep your make-up fresh for longer. That’s why it is tinted, so it uniforms your complexion and there is no need to apply a real foundation. You just apply it equally to your face, like a sunscreen.You can also dab it under your eyes, it is suitable for lenses, too.
Even though for the eye area there are better solutions. Like the YSL Touche Éclat Highlighter Concealer. I never tried it, even though everybody is raving about it. Truth is, I am very satisfied with the cheaper version of it by Essence, Stay Natural Concealer. When I ran out a few days ago I bought Sephora Touch Lumiere Lissante, which is a very good replacement. (still prefer Essence though)

3 minutes left: put on some loose or compact powder with a big brush. I use Manhattan, I think they have a very good collection of mineral powders.


 2 minutes left: apply some rouge to the apples of your cheek (the part that stands out when you smile, I hope you knew that) the best is to use some very fresh and light tint like the ones from Dr. Hauschka.


1 minute left: take the best mascara you have and apply it a hundred times in one minute, your lashes will be huge and your eyes immediately seem bigger and clearer. L’Oréal has a good one: Million Volume Lashes

0 minutes left: your hair! It probably looks like an exploded cushion? I hope you have some nice hats or scarves at home… Just wrap one around your head like the lovely Grace Kelly over here.

-1 minutes left: oh what the hell, put on some big, BIG sunglasses like our all-time idol and off you go! (or lurch)

 Have a nice day! xx


How do I survive a hangover?

If you don’t have one today, I am sure you will have one tomorrow.

Some of you might be already hangover experts, and know better than me, how to recover (if so, send them tips& tricks over!).
In that case this post is for hangover-beginners.
Let’s begin at the very start. Before you even start to have drinks, you could consider hydrating your body by drinking a lot of water, not alcohol, obviously. Adding to that you should eat beforehand. But something, that lasts for a while, meaning rich in carbohydrates and fat, like pasta or pizza. A little Salad with dressing on the side won’t do it there, darling.

They say to avoid a hangover, you should drink a glass of water after every third drink. Did it ever occur to you to order a glass of water after your third, sixth or ninth drink?? NO. Let’s face it, the fun just started, the last thing on your mind is adding H20 inside your system (which is already screwed, anyways).
The same counts for smoking. Often when you’re drunk you smoke a lot more than usual, which mostly makes a hangover worse. But if you take fewer cigarettes with you, you will just buy a new pack in the club, come on…

Conclusively, hangover control is more of a damage control than prevention, actually. So what can we do AFTER we got drunk…?
Walking a part of your journey home, really makes a difference because you get fresh air in your head before you fall into the well known 12-hour-koma-sleep-with-all-your-cloth-and-shoes-on! Your body will get a little bit of exercise and the liver already begins to metabolize the toxics.

When coming home you should drink tons of water (your headache won’t be as strong) but evidently everybody knows water tastes disgusting when you are drunk. I’d rather drink another bottle of wine than one glass of water… So I always try to have some soda or juice in the fridge, which is also helpful for the next day.

Those who are weak on the stomach should eat before going to sleep. If you have no chance in getting doner kebab or french fries on your way home, some crisps or bread with cheese will do, too. Would be a lie to say I wouldn’t eat basically anything there is left anywhere in the house.

An other trick I was told: if you take one or two aspirins before you go to sleep, your blood will be thinned out which means your liver can metabolize the alcohol quicker; supposedly you are hangover free the next day.

Finally, let’s assume you actually wake up the next day, and for sure, feel miserable. I know you just want to lie in your fetal position in your stinky bed and wallow in self-pity, but it won’t get really better like that.
Try to get up and at least open your windows, to get some clean air inside your brain. The second step would be a freshly squeezed juice, but any other juice will do, too. If your body didn’t collapse until then, you can get started on breakfast. Maybe you will feel what your body craves for. In case you don’t, basically anything that is fried, begins with a P, or contains more fat and carbohydrates than you eat in one week.
Now you can proceed in taking a shower and if you are very brave, a walk outside in the bright daylight (you can read tomorrow on how to do that without falling to ashes like a trendy vampire)

The rest of the day you should take it easy by watching your favorite series on TV.

If you don’t feel better by now, please go back to square one (your bed!!). 


How do I spend a lovely Christmas Eve?

Today will be kind of a 3-in-1 post, regarding that it is already the 24 and I couldn’t post for the last two days. So excuse me if the answers are a bit smaller than usual, but I hope you will have as much fun as always when reading them!

What should I wear to fit all the food in my stomach?
I spend some time on thinking about a lot of stylish clothes you could wear when you want to be comfortable during dinner, but in the end I guess I will leave it up to you. Just wear whatever you feel good in (considering this) and probably you should choose something stretchy around the belly. But I won’t take the blame for any pregnant-lady-in-a-night-gown-look that comes out of my advice!
As for me, I will go with my all-time-favorite jersey pencil skirt in black with some nice blouse, looking pregnant or not. Worst case I will just put a nice big present in front of my tummy for the picture. Ha! That’s a pretty smart idea, maybe I should add this to my last advice about looking good on family pictures?

How do I avoid annoying questions?
Besides telling them that it’s none of their business or ignoring the questions (which will only make it worse) there are some other tricks you can play when you want to derive the attention away from you:
1.     Ask something completely off the topic back. Chances are high that someone (hopefully drunk) will take up the conversation into total nonsense.
2.     Tell an embarrassing story about your aunt, about that time when she tried to kiss the Christmas tree because she thought it was your uncle. That will provide for some excitement around the table, letting them forget about you.
3.     Start a fight between your younger siblings (maybe by throwing some food?) and then sit somewhere else.

How do I get out of my boredom?
Despite the merry times you have around Christmas there’s also too much opportunities to be bored as hell. Or you just want to stir things up a little? Here is how:

At home, between all the events
1.     rearrange your wardrobe, shoerack, bookshelf,make-up dresser or fridge by color
2.     discover old transfer tattoos and decorate any sleeping family member with them
3.     write your christmas wish list for next year

Surfing the Internet

In the shopping mall
1.     Go into a changing room and call for toilet paper
2.     Replace products to completely different places
3.     Pack something that doesn’t make any sense into a strangers shopping cart and watch them wonder (I love to do that. Even to my mother)

In the kitchen
1.     Pop some popcorn without putting on the lid
2.     Every time someone asks you to do something, ask if they want fries with that.
3.     Hide the dessert, maybe no one will notice

During an hour long dinner
1.     Act like you meet everybody for the first time and present yourself with a different name every time
2.     Ask people what sex they are. And laugh hysterically after they answer. (Obviously with some people you don’t know that well)
3.     Stuff your mouth full with cookies and say “Paff” 
4.   Screw the top of the sugar sprinkler loose
5.   Say everything twice
6.   Say everything twice
7.   Let your pet (preferably a mouse, frog or spider) run free
8.   Exchange the pepper and the salt content
9.   Nap for an hour. On your plate.
10. Kidnap the presents and write a letter asking for a ransom

Whatever you do, I wish you a lot of fun and a very merry Christmas! xx 
p.s. don't forget to check in tomorrow, for tips on how to survive a hangover day


Is there any chance I will look good in the family pictures this year?

I am going to be honest with you... Yes, you can look good in photos! The way I see it, there are always five main problems why you find yourself catastrophic in pictures. 
Bad posture, wrong clothing, shiny skin, chubby face or red eyes. Or all of them together? Don't worry, this year I will clear the mystery on how to look good in front of the camera, and in my experience it works. Actually it works so well that I look better in the picture than in reality, but that's a different story.

Your chunky arms, proud tummy or plump legs are the star-attraction of every photo? You are not alone! Believe it or not most women don’t like themselves on pictures. And to just put on your nicest smile to distract from your love handles, never worked for me.
So, I would suggest this: for family pictures in the living room, try to not be the one who has to sit on the couch. No good can come of this. If you have no choice but to sit, then straighten up your back, turn a little to the side and put your legs nicely together, but don't press them against each other.
The same works when you are standing. Turning slightly to the side makes your appearance slimmer. Push your shoulders a bit backwards, but still relaxed. Don't hold your breath to make your tummy look smaller, it will look very unnatural. And whatever you do, don’t press your upper arms against your body! You may think that this is all very superficial and a lot of posing for one picture, but imagining myself as a crazy granny, going through my photo albums, admiring the better times, is actually a motivation for the memories later.
If you want, you can try a couple of poses in front of the mirror and find out how you look the best. Once you know that, it will come very natural on photos! 

optical effects by working with two colors
You feel like you always choose the worst clothes for such events? Maybe this is a thing that not only happens around Christmas?
My personal opinion is that low cut jeans and tight tops never look good, when you have a few kilos more on your hips. This doesn't mean you are fat! It just doesn't complement your body type.
I picked a few items, in which you may feel better and even look better. I think a lot of woman wouldn't be called fat or overweight, if they would dress for their body type, instead of squeezing their gorgeous butts into skinny jeans that don't fit them.

You don't need a flash because your face is so shiny? You know the procedure, after hours of eating and sweating over Raclette, some relative of yours always has the brilliant (literally) idea of taking a picture, unfortunately your face and make-up look like a greasy pancake... Say cheese!
If you have no time to go to the bathroom and powder your nose, there is a quick and easy solution to this problem. It's called Facial Blotting Tissues (by the Body Shop with a little powder on it or by Essence just to absorb the excess oil). They come in a very small package, so you can take it everywhere. Personally I always have mine in my bag, because they come in handy everywhere. So you just take one of these tissues and dab it over your face, and gone is the oily shine! If that's no reason to smile. In case of an emergency, a normal tissue works too, but don't rub it too much over your skin, because then your make-up will come off and your nose and forehead will look red.

Oh look, it's full moon! -Wait a minute, that's your face! Sounds familiar? If you have a very round face or have eaten a bit too much these last days, there is no reason to panic. We all ate the cookies and the chocolates and the muffins,
now it's time for my super-special-tricks to outfox the camera.
Trick nr 1: To make your face look more narrow, you can pull your shoulders down to make a long neck, bring your face just a little bit forwards and push your tongue against the palatine (roof of the mouth). Try it in front of the mirror, it really makes some difference.
picture by misquincemag.com
Trick nr 2: Take some bronzer that is only slightly darker than your skin tone and put it with a big brush under your cheekbones. If you don't see your cheekbones just suck in your cheeks and - taadam, there they are! Also if you have a bit of a chubby chin I recommend on brushing some on your jawbone and your chin, just on the line between your jaw and where the neck begins. If you do it right, it will look like natural shadow on the photo. You can use this trick also for a wide nose. It's a little bit like Photoshop, but in real life.

Your eyes are a competition for every albino bunny? Well, sorry to tell you, but that's the fault of your camera settings. Choose anti red eye flash (it will flash twice, so your pupil widens before the pic is taken) and your problem is solved.
Hooray, nothing can go wrong now, can't it?
 Good luck ! xx


10 things NOT to wear for Christmas

I know these times can be hard on you, the pressure to get it all done, the presents, the food, the outfit, everything has to be perfect. I only can imagine that in your desperation of doing it all right, you might say to yourself "I got it! I will just wear a hat and go naked to dinner!" What a brilliant idea! NOT.
To save you from insanities and embarrassments, I got a little help for you.

On what earth, are those in Instyle magazine as a present suggestion? I want to beat up somebody right now.

If you are not an figure skater and currently on the ice, you are not allowed to wear this. EVER.

Also don't go as a radioactive gift wrap. This counts for all colors this dress might come in to!

Imagining everybody drunk and trying to sing into Rudolf' s nose, just leads to this conclusion: Don't.
Please, leave your animals out of this. It's not their fault.
Not dressing your animals doesn't mean you can wear them. They never agreed to participate in Christmas like this.

What are you going to do when your kids realize that being the presents, was the only present?

On the bright side: they are wearing matching colors.

Wow, matching jumpers separating genders by color. I wonder which of those smarty-pants had this ingenious idea.

"You don't have a Christmas Tree yet?" "Yes, why?" "Nevermind..."

I guess I made my point clear. Just don't go crazy on innocent human or animal beings because you can't handle the heat of the candles on the Christmas tree, everything will be over soon. Shh shh...


How will I stay on my feet in these shoes?

I prepared a small treat for you; a Special Christmas Survival Questions Countdown!
From today until New Years Eve, I will post one question everyday, that will help you get through the days clustered with family gatherings, ugly presents, heavy partying and too full bellies. Ready? Steady… Go!

How do I stay on my feet in these shoes?
I figured I would start the survival countdown with the most important: the shoes. Maybe you wonder why I post this so early, but it can be quite challenging to walk in new shoes. And to avoid ruining your party because of uncomfortable footwear, I got a few tips for you.
If you never walked in heels before, please don’t go for the 13 cm ones. Yes, they look extremely gorgeous and make your butt appear tinietiny, not to mention your legs will go straight up to your boobs.
Still, even if they seem comfortable in the shop (or at home, in case you already purchased them, I know how this goes), the 5 minutes you spend on them will NOT be the same as standing and dancing for hours and, god forbid, walking longer distances than from the living room to the toilet.
Don’t fool yourself; you will not survive the night in those shoes. The evening will be eventually ruined because you can’t walk anymore! Just choose a nice pair with a heel height between 5 and 7 centimeters, even my shelf contains some like that, meaning they don’t have to be ugly because they have low heels… (And if everybody is drunk, nobody will look at them anyways.)

If you have some experience with heals, meaning you’ve been going out with them on your feet more than just once, you may choose higher ones for your party plans.
But beware, not all is safe yet. If your shoes are newly purchased I highly recommend, wearing them before. And this goes for ALL high-heelistas, whether you’re a bloody beginner or a catwalk-strutter.

You should wear your new babies from today on, everyday at least for an hour. Just walk around in the house in them, wear them while doing office work or while cleaning your room. This way, they will stretch a bit and hopefully have no more pressure points for the night of the nights. If they are from leather you can buy a product to expand the material, you just spray it on the shoes and wear them immediately, to stretch them without a hustle. If you live in Germany, you can buy this stuff for cheap in Deichmann, lucky you. For all the other countries, I bet you can find it in any shoe store, that has leather shoes. If your dream shoes are really poky, you can try to put in shoe expanders for a few days. Try them everyday to see if it helps, because it’s always better you know more than 5 minutes before you leave that you have to wear a different pair.

Also good helpers are those little gel cushions you can put in the front of your shoes, everybody should own those by now. At least that’s what I hope for your poor feet! In the meantime, gel cushions exist in a lot of shapes to put them in every little corner of your shoes. But, again, don’t try this shortly before you have to go out of the house and then realize it doesn’t work at all. Do it a few days before. I find today is a perfect shoe-try-on-day. Because you still have time left to a) practice, b) change your mind, and c) panic, recover and everything will be fine. And isn’t preparing and getting ready half of the fun??

A very important aspect on how to survive on your heels is the location!
If your party is in a chalet in the depth of a forest or buried in snow, please don’t wear Stillettos or Peep Toes or Strappy Sandals. You’re not doing yourself a favor there. Go for some stylish wedge boots, they exist in all colors, shapes and price ranges. They are warm and comfortable to walk on difficult grounds. I know they are tricky to combine with a new years dress, but if you party between deers and foxes, your choice of dress might be a little different, too.

If you are going to party at a club or a bar, I would avoid open toe shoes. It’s crowded, every body is dancing, you don’t want to do that to your toes, believe me. Also spilled drinks alert; forget about satin, velvet or furry materials, they will never look nice again after that night. And if you care about your shoes, you should think about that before. Best choice would be fake leather or any other synthetic materials, without little pearls or bows or whatnot, it will be gone forever, you know that.

If you are celebrating at a friends house it’s basically a jackpot, because you are inside, there are no long distances to walk (beware of the stairs, practice at home, I mean it) and mostly it’s not awfully crowded, meaning you can get out your nicest pair. If the party includes standing outside for a while because of fireworks or a similar event, you can pull over some leg warmers; stylish and your toes won’t fall of because of frost!
Keep away from walking long distances at all; your feet will be damaged before the evening starts, and I don’t even want to think about how your heels will look after that. Best case scenario would be a gentleman carrying you, but I can’t guarantee you will find one like that... So Ladies, solution number one is taking a taxi, solution number two, wearing comfortable boots. But that only works if you go to a friends place. Once you get to the location, you secretly slip into your heels, et voila! Same goes for walking home. The third solution, in case you can’t take a second pair of shoes, your bag is too small or whatever, are the foldable ballerinas. They sell these in a lot of shops now, buy one pair, they fit in everywhere, and if it must be, in the pocket of your coat. I only recommend these for walking home though, because your feet will probably be wet and cold after walking in them. Will be no fun continuing to party, I guess. 
Finally if you just think a little bit ahead, you should be fine and in an emergency, you still can take them shoes of, but then your tights will be ruined. And don’t even get me started on that!


look left

London. Besides that signs and robot voices tell you all the time what to do in this wicked city, you can have a hell of a lot of fun. Fun meaning in my case eating veggie burgers and fries and glittery cupcakes and other delicious stuff at all times of the day. And shopping until you drop dead. From happiness.
Whoever said money doesn't make happy, obviously has no idea of shopping!
Interestingly I didn't buy any clothes, except a skirt from Topshop, that I don't find worth mentioning. This time it was all about the little things. And were there a lot of them! Where I found those things? Portobello Market in Nothing Hill, Sunday Up Market near Brick Lane and Seven Dials. (I bought presents for my family, too, but obviously I can't post them here)
1 Recesky Twin Lens Reflex Camera Do It Yourself Kit. Meaning I have to build the camera on my own and put a 35 mm film in it. As soon as I put this alien together I am going to post about that operation,and the pictures coming out of that thing.  2 Old style Valentine Stickers. You never know.  3 Pale mint green hat, from the 20ies, I hope.  4 A Christmas Tree I decorated with love, but got cut out of the picture, due to esthetic reasons.  5 100 Ideas That Changed Fashion (this is going to provide for a lot of posts!)  6 A moustache double finger ring. Maybe you didn't get me right? It's a MOUSTACHE on a RING !!! How great can life be?  7 DIY Kit for a very romantic hat, all in creme white, with flowers and a little veil  8 Design your own outfits with 40 stickers (need I say more)  9 Lasered Brooch that says "Sweetheart"  10 Just in case you were wondering, it's a Playmobil incubator with Playmobil baby twins in it, they are my roommate's.

places to go when you're in London/websites worth to visit


london calling

Well, tomorrow I will fly to London to visit a dear friend of mine and I couldn't be more excited! I have never been to London, so it will be a big adventure of sightseeing, second hand shopping, musicals and so much more to post about in a few days! I am just staying a couple of days, so there's no need for a big suitcase but in my excitement I already picked a nice outfit together to prance along in London's streets... The only thing missing is a nice hat, but maybe I'll find one there.
Tell my if you like it! xx


buried treasures

One of the things, that you should put on your to-do-list in Barcelona, is to visit the many flea markets they have on different days. Some of them are weekly, others are only twice a year. So be sure to know, not that you miss the best ones while you are here.
Today I went to Mercat Del Encants on the Placa de les Glories Catalanes. It is every monday, wednesday, friday and saturday, so quite often. But I am not sure if it is always a flea market or also "normal market" during the week. Anyway, this one is a really strange mix of old and new and, I am quite sure, stolen things. From jewellery to furniture, from bath supplies to batteries.
It is a really busy market and there are constantly announcements to look after your belongings and kids (in that order) because the pickpocket-business is going fabulously well in Barcelona. I am currently working on a post about the desperateness of the locals here... So, between all that strange and often worthless stuff, there were a lot of great things to find, like a whole box full of old hats from the twenties! But they were just lying on the dirty ground like all the rest and it made me kind of sad because I know, it once belonged to someone, who loved to wear these hats.
And now a Turkish man, who was well aware of their value, but nevertheless treated the cute hats like shit, was selling them. And I didn't have enough money or a camera with me, which even made it more painful. So I had to go for the little things, which I could afford.
This is the result of my little treasure hunt.
clip earrings from the eighties
coin pocket, maybe beginning of the twentieth century
Zippo lighter, could be from the eighties too