10 things NOT to wear for Christmas

I know these times can be hard on you, the pressure to get it all done, the presents, the food, the outfit, everything has to be perfect. I only can imagine that in your desperation of doing it all right, you might say to yourself "I got it! I will just wear a hat and go naked to dinner!" What a brilliant idea! NOT.
To save you from insanities and embarrassments, I got a little help for you.

On what earth, are those in Instyle magazine as a present suggestion? I want to beat up somebody right now.

If you are not an figure skater and currently on the ice, you are not allowed to wear this. EVER.

Also don't go as a radioactive gift wrap. This counts for all colors this dress might come in to!

Imagining everybody drunk and trying to sing into Rudolf' s nose, just leads to this conclusion: Don't.
Please, leave your animals out of this. It's not their fault.
Not dressing your animals doesn't mean you can wear them. They never agreed to participate in Christmas like this.

What are you going to do when your kids realize that being the presents, was the only present?

On the bright side: they are wearing matching colors.

Wow, matching jumpers separating genders by color. I wonder which of those smarty-pants had this ingenious idea.

"You don't have a Christmas Tree yet?" "Yes, why?" "Nevermind..."

I guess I made my point clear. Just don't go crazy on innocent human or animal beings because you can't handle the heat of the candles on the Christmas tree, everything will be over soon. Shh shh...


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