buried treasures

One of the things, that you should put on your to-do-list in Barcelona, is to visit the many flea markets they have on different days. Some of them are weekly, others are only twice a year. So be sure to know, not that you miss the best ones while you are here.
Today I went to Mercat Del Encants on the Placa de les Glories Catalanes. It is every monday, wednesday, friday and saturday, so quite often. But I am not sure if it is always a flea market or also "normal market" during the week. Anyway, this one is a really strange mix of old and new and, I am quite sure, stolen things. From jewellery to furniture, from bath supplies to batteries.
It is a really busy market and there are constantly announcements to look after your belongings and kids (in that order) because the pickpocket-business is going fabulously well in Barcelona. I am currently working on a post about the desperateness of the locals here... So, between all that strange and often worthless stuff, there were a lot of great things to find, like a whole box full of old hats from the twenties! But they were just lying on the dirty ground like all the rest and it made me kind of sad because I know, it once belonged to someone, who loved to wear these hats.
And now a Turkish man, who was well aware of their value, but nevertheless treated the cute hats like shit, was selling them. And I didn't have enough money or a camera with me, which even made it more painful. So I had to go for the little things, which I could afford.
This is the result of my little treasure hunt.
clip earrings from the eighties
coin pocket, maybe beginning of the twentieth century
Zippo lighter, could be from the eighties too


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