How can I look good in bright daylight after a big party?

Good morning! Typically after a big night you have to get up in an unproportional way to last nights quantity of drinks and sleep. So what to do if you look like the worst version of yourself and you have to leave the house in a few minutes? Whether it’s because you have to sneak home (then I recommend leaving in two minutes) or because your family is waiting downstairs in the hall to have a nice long walk outside, you have to be quick but effective!

Here is my seven-minute-plan:

7 minutes left: Start by taking of the rest of your make-up. I find that the two phase oily make-up removers work very well for persistent mascara that likes to stay in the wrinkles around the eyes. I tried Clinique, Yves-Rocher and Hema, and they work all equally well, despite that they are completely different price ranges.

6 minutes left: Recently I discovered a brilliant product by Diadermine; Dermo Detox Cleansing Water. It not only removes the make-up but also takes away the pollution, for example from tobacco dust. It is very refreshing to use it, just spray it on a cotton pad and dab your face with it, your skin will be purified, soft and supple. This cleansing water is a good alternative when you have no time for your entire skincare program (clean, clarify, moisturize).

5 minutes left: Even if you are in a hurry I recommend applying some hydrating lotion or gel, before you go to the next step. I love Clarins Daily Energizer Cream-Gel. The name basically says it; it leaves your skin hydrated, with a fresh feeling and very supple. Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizing gel also does the work, it has a very light texture, thus is quickly absorbed. I prefer Clarins at the moment because of the delightful scent. But they are definitely both worth trying. Which I guess is not the first thought that crosses your mind when you have to get ready quickly.
I don’t know how it is with you guys, but when I have a hangover my body seems to move extremely slowly whilst the rest of the world is spinning.

4 minutes left: next step is a bit of make-up, but remember there is no time? This is where my darling City Block Sheer 25 SPF by Clinique comes in. It has no chemical sunscreens and protects your skin optimal over the day. It was developed to absorb excess oil from your skin and keep your make-up fresh for longer. That’s why it is tinted, so it uniforms your complexion and there is no need to apply a real foundation. You just apply it equally to your face, like a sunscreen.You can also dab it under your eyes, it is suitable for lenses, too.
Even though for the eye area there are better solutions. Like the YSL Touche Éclat Highlighter Concealer. I never tried it, even though everybody is raving about it. Truth is, I am very satisfied with the cheaper version of it by Essence, Stay Natural Concealer. When I ran out a few days ago I bought Sephora Touch Lumiere Lissante, which is a very good replacement. (still prefer Essence though)

3 minutes left: put on some loose or compact powder with a big brush. I use Manhattan, I think they have a very good collection of mineral powders.


 2 minutes left: apply some rouge to the apples of your cheek (the part that stands out when you smile, I hope you knew that) the best is to use some very fresh and light tint like the ones from Dr. Hauschka.


1 minute left: take the best mascara you have and apply it a hundred times in one minute, your lashes will be huge and your eyes immediately seem bigger and clearer. L’Oréal has a good one: Million Volume Lashes

0 minutes left: your hair! It probably looks like an exploded cushion? I hope you have some nice hats or scarves at home… Just wrap one around your head like the lovely Grace Kelly over here.

-1 minutes left: oh what the hell, put on some big, BIG sunglasses like our all-time idol and off you go! (or lurch)

 Have a nice day! xx


  1. Oooh, what a great tutorial! I noticed you wrote this just in time for New Years Eve, too, hehehe. Hope people got a lot of use out of it. Just wish I'd found it in time! Happy new year, dear!

    Love & Cake,


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