How do I spend a lovely Christmas Eve?

Today will be kind of a 3-in-1 post, regarding that it is already the 24 and I couldn’t post for the last two days. So excuse me if the answers are a bit smaller than usual, but I hope you will have as much fun as always when reading them!

What should I wear to fit all the food in my stomach?
I spend some time on thinking about a lot of stylish clothes you could wear when you want to be comfortable during dinner, but in the end I guess I will leave it up to you. Just wear whatever you feel good in (considering this) and probably you should choose something stretchy around the belly. But I won’t take the blame for any pregnant-lady-in-a-night-gown-look that comes out of my advice!
As for me, I will go with my all-time-favorite jersey pencil skirt in black with some nice blouse, looking pregnant or not. Worst case I will just put a nice big present in front of my tummy for the picture. Ha! That’s a pretty smart idea, maybe I should add this to my last advice about looking good on family pictures?

How do I avoid annoying questions?
Besides telling them that it’s none of their business or ignoring the questions (which will only make it worse) there are some other tricks you can play when you want to derive the attention away from you:
1.     Ask something completely off the topic back. Chances are high that someone (hopefully drunk) will take up the conversation into total nonsense.
2.     Tell an embarrassing story about your aunt, about that time when she tried to kiss the Christmas tree because she thought it was your uncle. That will provide for some excitement around the table, letting them forget about you.
3.     Start a fight between your younger siblings (maybe by throwing some food?) and then sit somewhere else.

How do I get out of my boredom?
Despite the merry times you have around Christmas there’s also too much opportunities to be bored as hell. Or you just want to stir things up a little? Here is how:

At home, between all the events
1.     rearrange your wardrobe, shoerack, bookshelf,make-up dresser or fridge by color
2.     discover old transfer tattoos and decorate any sleeping family member with them
3.     write your christmas wish list for next year

Surfing the Internet

In the shopping mall
1.     Go into a changing room and call for toilet paper
2.     Replace products to completely different places
3.     Pack something that doesn’t make any sense into a strangers shopping cart and watch them wonder (I love to do that. Even to my mother)

In the kitchen
1.     Pop some popcorn without putting on the lid
2.     Every time someone asks you to do something, ask if they want fries with that.
3.     Hide the dessert, maybe no one will notice

During an hour long dinner
1.     Act like you meet everybody for the first time and present yourself with a different name every time
2.     Ask people what sex they are. And laugh hysterically after they answer. (Obviously with some people you don’t know that well)
3.     Stuff your mouth full with cookies and say “Paff” 
4.   Screw the top of the sugar sprinkler loose
5.   Say everything twice
6.   Say everything twice
7.   Let your pet (preferably a mouse, frog or spider) run free
8.   Exchange the pepper and the salt content
9.   Nap for an hour. On your plate.
10. Kidnap the presents and write a letter asking for a ransom

Whatever you do, I wish you a lot of fun and a very merry Christmas! xx 
p.s. don't forget to check in tomorrow, for tips on how to survive a hangover day


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