How do I survive a hangover?

If you don’t have one today, I am sure you will have one tomorrow.

Some of you might be already hangover experts, and know better than me, how to recover (if so, send them tips& tricks over!).
In that case this post is for hangover-beginners.
Let’s begin at the very start. Before you even start to have drinks, you could consider hydrating your body by drinking a lot of water, not alcohol, obviously. Adding to that you should eat beforehand. But something, that lasts for a while, meaning rich in carbohydrates and fat, like pasta or pizza. A little Salad with dressing on the side won’t do it there, darling.

They say to avoid a hangover, you should drink a glass of water after every third drink. Did it ever occur to you to order a glass of water after your third, sixth or ninth drink?? NO. Let’s face it, the fun just started, the last thing on your mind is adding H20 inside your system (which is already screwed, anyways).
The same counts for smoking. Often when you’re drunk you smoke a lot more than usual, which mostly makes a hangover worse. But if you take fewer cigarettes with you, you will just buy a new pack in the club, come on…

Conclusively, hangover control is more of a damage control than prevention, actually. So what can we do AFTER we got drunk…?
Walking a part of your journey home, really makes a difference because you get fresh air in your head before you fall into the well known 12-hour-koma-sleep-with-all-your-cloth-and-shoes-on! Your body will get a little bit of exercise and the liver already begins to metabolize the toxics.

When coming home you should drink tons of water (your headache won’t be as strong) but evidently everybody knows water tastes disgusting when you are drunk. I’d rather drink another bottle of wine than one glass of water… So I always try to have some soda or juice in the fridge, which is also helpful for the next day.

Those who are weak on the stomach should eat before going to sleep. If you have no chance in getting doner kebab or french fries on your way home, some crisps or bread with cheese will do, too. Would be a lie to say I wouldn’t eat basically anything there is left anywhere in the house.

An other trick I was told: if you take one or two aspirins before you go to sleep, your blood will be thinned out which means your liver can metabolize the alcohol quicker; supposedly you are hangover free the next day.

Finally, let’s assume you actually wake up the next day, and for sure, feel miserable. I know you just want to lie in your fetal position in your stinky bed and wallow in self-pity, but it won’t get really better like that.
Try to get up and at least open your windows, to get some clean air inside your brain. The second step would be a freshly squeezed juice, but any other juice will do, too. If your body didn’t collapse until then, you can get started on breakfast. Maybe you will feel what your body craves for. In case you don’t, basically anything that is fried, begins with a P, or contains more fat and carbohydrates than you eat in one week.
Now you can proceed in taking a shower and if you are very brave, a walk outside in the bright daylight (you can read tomorrow on how to do that without falling to ashes like a trendy vampire)

The rest of the day you should take it easy by watching your favorite series on TV.

If you don’t feel better by now, please go back to square one (your bed!!). 


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