Is there any chance I will look good in the family pictures this year?

I am going to be honest with you... Yes, you can look good in photos! The way I see it, there are always five main problems why you find yourself catastrophic in pictures. 
Bad posture, wrong clothing, shiny skin, chubby face or red eyes. Or all of them together? Don't worry, this year I will clear the mystery on how to look good in front of the camera, and in my experience it works. Actually it works so well that I look better in the picture than in reality, but that's a different story.

Your chunky arms, proud tummy or plump legs are the star-attraction of every photo? You are not alone! Believe it or not most women don’t like themselves on pictures. And to just put on your nicest smile to distract from your love handles, never worked for me.
So, I would suggest this: for family pictures in the living room, try to not be the one who has to sit on the couch. No good can come of this. If you have no choice but to sit, then straighten up your back, turn a little to the side and put your legs nicely together, but don't press them against each other.
The same works when you are standing. Turning slightly to the side makes your appearance slimmer. Push your shoulders a bit backwards, but still relaxed. Don't hold your breath to make your tummy look smaller, it will look very unnatural. And whatever you do, don’t press your upper arms against your body! You may think that this is all very superficial and a lot of posing for one picture, but imagining myself as a crazy granny, going through my photo albums, admiring the better times, is actually a motivation for the memories later.
If you want, you can try a couple of poses in front of the mirror and find out how you look the best. Once you know that, it will come very natural on photos! 

optical effects by working with two colors
You feel like you always choose the worst clothes for such events? Maybe this is a thing that not only happens around Christmas?
My personal opinion is that low cut jeans and tight tops never look good, when you have a few kilos more on your hips. This doesn't mean you are fat! It just doesn't complement your body type.
I picked a few items, in which you may feel better and even look better. I think a lot of woman wouldn't be called fat or overweight, if they would dress for their body type, instead of squeezing their gorgeous butts into skinny jeans that don't fit them.

You don't need a flash because your face is so shiny? You know the procedure, after hours of eating and sweating over Raclette, some relative of yours always has the brilliant (literally) idea of taking a picture, unfortunately your face and make-up look like a greasy pancake... Say cheese!
If you have no time to go to the bathroom and powder your nose, there is a quick and easy solution to this problem. It's called Facial Blotting Tissues (by the Body Shop with a little powder on it or by Essence just to absorb the excess oil). They come in a very small package, so you can take it everywhere. Personally I always have mine in my bag, because they come in handy everywhere. So you just take one of these tissues and dab it over your face, and gone is the oily shine! If that's no reason to smile. In case of an emergency, a normal tissue works too, but don't rub it too much over your skin, because then your make-up will come off and your nose and forehead will look red.

Oh look, it's full moon! -Wait a minute, that's your face! Sounds familiar? If you have a very round face or have eaten a bit too much these last days, there is no reason to panic. We all ate the cookies and the chocolates and the muffins,
now it's time for my super-special-tricks to outfox the camera.
Trick nr 1: To make your face look more narrow, you can pull your shoulders down to make a long neck, bring your face just a little bit forwards and push your tongue against the palatine (roof of the mouth). Try it in front of the mirror, it really makes some difference.
picture by
Trick nr 2: Take some bronzer that is only slightly darker than your skin tone and put it with a big brush under your cheekbones. If you don't see your cheekbones just suck in your cheeks and - taadam, there they are! Also if you have a bit of a chubby chin I recommend on brushing some on your jawbone and your chin, just on the line between your jaw and where the neck begins. If you do it right, it will look like natural shadow on the photo. You can use this trick also for a wide nose. It's a little bit like Photoshop, but in real life.

Your eyes are a competition for every albino bunny? Well, sorry to tell you, but that's the fault of your camera settings. Choose anti red eye flash (it will flash twice, so your pupil widens before the pic is taken) and your problem is solved.
Hooray, nothing can go wrong now, can't it?
 Good luck ! xx


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