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London. Besides that signs and robot voices tell you all the time what to do in this wicked city, you can have a hell of a lot of fun. Fun meaning in my case eating veggie burgers and fries and glittery cupcakes and other delicious stuff at all times of the day. And shopping until you drop dead. From happiness.
Whoever said money doesn't make happy, obviously has no idea of shopping!
Interestingly I didn't buy any clothes, except a skirt from Topshop, that I don't find worth mentioning. This time it was all about the little things. And were there a lot of them! Where I found those things? Portobello Market in Nothing Hill, Sunday Up Market near Brick Lane and Seven Dials. (I bought presents for my family, too, but obviously I can't post them here)
1 Recesky Twin Lens Reflex Camera Do It Yourself Kit. Meaning I have to build the camera on my own and put a 35 mm film in it. As soon as I put this alien together I am going to post about that operation,and the pictures coming out of that thing.  2 Old style Valentine Stickers. You never know.  3 Pale mint green hat, from the 20ies, I hope.  4 A Christmas Tree I decorated with love, but got cut out of the picture, due to esthetic reasons.  5 100 Ideas That Changed Fashion (this is going to provide for a lot of posts!)  6 A moustache double finger ring. Maybe you didn't get me right? It's a MOUSTACHE on a RING !!! How great can life be?  7 DIY Kit for a very romantic hat, all in creme white, with flowers and a little veil  8 Design your own outfits with 40 stickers (need I say more)  9 Lasered Brooch that says "Sweetheart"  10 Just in case you were wondering, it's a Playmobil incubator with Playmobil baby twins in it, they are my roommate's.

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