Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now ready for the take off!

During my last uninspired phase I came across this picture on I guess it’s more about what’s happening in the background there, but would you look at her please?
Oh my, she surely is ready for the journey.
So much excitement, so much style.

Isn’t being a air hostess everyone’s fantasy at some point of time?
This is not a post about flight attends having a hard job, being on their feet all day long, handling difficult passengers by smiling through it.

This is about the vision of an exciting life as a cosmopolitan! (Who is by definition a sophisticated person who has travelled in many countries)
Flying around the world in sassy uniforms and cute hats, having breakfast in London, going to the beach in Bali and buy some souvenirs in Prague. Who doesn’t daydream about this kind of lifestyle? Stepping on a plane, forgetting everything and wandering around in Paris for a day…
And I have the kind of feeling with the economical crisis, the wish to leave everything behind you, is getting stronger. So, of course the media is picking up on it, starting to air Pan Am in September 2011, a drama series about flight attendants in the 60ies. The fashion industry is coping; there are a lot of inspiring dresses, tiny hats, chic gloves, fine scarves and posh purses to see in the windows, so we all can dress up as little stewardesses.
The nostalgia keeps flowing. And we all want to fly away.

Chanel aka Karl Lagerfeld landed an even a bigger coup! With his S/S 2012 Haute Couture Show he put fuel to our wildest imaginations.
The show itself found place in a Chanel custom made airplane, with gentlemen serving drinks from the bar cart and the models coming out of the cockpit.
It was perfection. The couture itself:
a dream coming blue.
Perfectly cut jackets with large collars, three-color-code and all-over sequins application. A fantastic combination of matt and shiny. The pockets so low, as if it were baggy pants. And their hair styled in a futuristic “don’t care at all“ way.
This is the course leading to our time to come.
These are the stewardesses of 2012.
When the world comes to an end in December, I can only hope they come for us, with a big Chanel Jumbo Jet.

Pictures from To see all the sixty-one outfits click on


  1. I hadn't seen the Chanel couture show! KL is such a genius, isn't he? Love those looks... the black!

    Additionally, I've heard of that Panam show, and I really want to see it! It looks good and it's an interesting idea for a show.

    AND! That first photo is SO adorable! How have you been?

    Love & Cake,


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