Are we losing control?

As you all know (or maybe not) last Wednesday the fasting period started, and for sure, one after one, you could see appear facebook and Twitter updates on your friends walls. They are posting about what kind of restrictions they choose for themselves and how hard it will or will not be.
In respond they get either encouragement or incomprehension. Or laughter.
I started wondering why we would abdicate from something we love to do…
To loose weight? Or to gain spirituality?


Are we walking on dangerous grounds?

Since the world is coming to an end on 21st  of December,
maybe we should prepare and stock up with some post destruction garment.


oh, boy

A few days ago I had this idea about writing a post for Valentine’s Day. Or better to say against Valentine’s day, how to survive it if you are single or simply just hate smug couples.
But I changed my mind, I decided to write something to make this roses-chocolate-boxes-and-supposedly-love overfilled day easier for men.
I don’t really know how big Valentine’s Day will be celebrated, in Europe or else where, I actually just know it from the movies. And there it always seems to have to be perfect; otherwise it’s a disaster. Anyways, admit it or not, you can’t get past it, not even on my blog.
So girls, listen up, please don’t torture your boyfriends! Here is a guide to release the huge pressure that is set on men on the 14th of February: