Are we losing control?

As you all know (or maybe not) last Wednesday the fasting period started, and for sure, one after one, you could see appear facebook and Twitter updates on your friends walls. They are posting about what kind of restrictions they choose for themselves and how hard it will or will not be.
In respond they get either encouragement or incomprehension. Or laughter.
I started wondering why we would abdicate from something we love to do…
To loose weight? Or to gain spirituality?
It’s practically spread throughout all kinds of religions, cultures and lifestyles and I am guessing it became a popular thing after all the Christmas, New Years and Carnival feasting; a time to cleanse out your system from all the toxics and start fit’n’fresh into spring season.
Whether it’s promoted by religion or not, renouncing something you like is hard. Pulling it through for 40 days, must be demanding, but I guess in this case you also gain something… But what? Inner strength? The feeling of self control? Some people renounce on meat, dairy products and sweets, others on sex, facebook and cigarettes. Some want to get in shape, others want to be masters of their own mind again. Because isn’t that what it’s all about?
Is the only thing we are total control of, ourselves?

So here comes the experiment:
6 weeks until Easter, 6 different things I like to renounce on.
I started the first week without alcohol, so far I survived it, because it’s only Wednesday, the hard part will be the weekend. Now, if you think that I might have a drinking problem, let me say this: I am a student.
I will continue without splitting my hairends (seriously a spleen of mine), facebook, sweets, fat and carbs. Honestly I don’t know which one is more dreadful. You think it’s cheating to renounce on each thing only for a week? 
I bet you can’t do the facebook week!
All kinds of experiences, helpful tips and comments are welcome! Let’s suffer together. And party hard in 6 weeks! (Which is exactly my plan! I will be dancing with a beer in one hand, a pizza in the other one, the brownie and my laptop with facebook waiting for me) Isn’t that the point of this? Enjoying life again? We will see, stay tuned for my reports! ;) xx

Or imagine him trying to eat french fries.

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