Are we walking on dangerous grounds?

Since the world is coming to an end on 21st  of December,
maybe we should prepare and stock up with some post destruction garment.
When all hell is going to break lose,
we should focus on the shoes, because we will have to walk through the ruins of our destroyed world.
Protecting our feet from unknown grounds and beasts, looking like an anti hero, fighting chaos.
I imagine them with poisonous spikes. Seems real. Close enough. Let's go trash what's left!

Belle Sauvage
Lauren Tennenbaum
United Nude for Iris van Herpen
2BitchezDeep for Nicki Minaj

Figure it out yourself. After 21.12.12 you have to do that anyways.


  1. some of these are sexy yet terrifying at the same time.

  2. Woow!! Me encantan!!


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