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A few days ago I had this idea about writing a post for Valentine’s Day. Or better to say against Valentine’s day, how to survive it if you are single or simply just hate smug couples.
But I changed my mind, I decided to write something to make this roses-chocolate-boxes-and-supposedly-love overfilled day easier for men.
I don’t really know how big Valentine’s Day will be celebrated, in Europe or else where, I actually just know it from the movies. And there it always seems to have to be perfect; otherwise it’s a disaster. Anyways, admit it or not, you can’t get past it, not even on my blog.
So girls, listen up, please don’t torture your boyfriends! Here is a guide to release the huge pressure that is set on men on the 14th of February:
1.     Don’t hint about super expensive gifts, that you know he can’t afford.
2.     Don’t even mention a ring, he will be running in all directions except yours.
3.     Don’t mention you don’t like flowers, to show you’re a cool independent girl, and then be offended when you get none! (Guys actually listen to some of the crap we yap all day long, because they are afraid to get into another fight!)
4.     The same counts for everything else you mention; “I don’t need this romantic shit!” –You won’t get any, believe me, even tough you secretly wished for it. Men can’t read your thoughts. Be honest, about what you like/dislike.
5.     Don’t have an overhearing conversation on the phone with your best friend “That he hasn’t asked yet, but for sure he will tonight!”
6.     Don’t get all squirrely and excited weeks before, like you’re a seven-year-old waiting for your birthday!
7.     Don’t threaten him with holding back any kind of niceties!
8.      Don’t look at him with a melting gaze all day long, expecting fireworks, and a personal violin player next to your dining table.
9.      In fact, I believe the more you ignore the fact it supposed to be a romantic day, the more he will be motivated to surprise you. Maybe. Or he won’t. That’s why you shouldn’t have expectations at all.
10. How about putting a few nice beers in the fridge for him? 

Have a nice normal day! xx


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