The sky is blue too - The third week

I am back, I am back! I came back from the dead. And I survived.
Let me explain; the past week was the third of my six-week-program and I had made the courageous, if not slightly insane decision to not log into Facebook for 7 full days and nights.


No shiny hair, no competition! - The second week

Here I am on the verge of my third week, which I dreaded all along. Actually I managed to forget it mostly of the time, but today is the day. I will post this article on facebook, and then not go online for a week… 
Oh, why am I doing this to myself!
But first a little of my experience last week; the assignment was to stop playing with my hair ends every time I get carried away in my thoughts. It’s tougher than you think, but with some tricks even that subconscious obsession can be controlled. At least for the time being.


"But why?" - The first week

The first week of fasting is over, and as you know I renounced on alcohol.
Now I can say; the week wasn’t the problem. It was the weekend!
I could have expected that, couldn’t I?

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