"But why?" - The first week

The first week of fasting is over, and as you know I renounced on alcohol.
Now I can say; the week wasn’t the problem. It was the weekend!
I could have expected that, couldn’t I?
Friday I stayed at home, stuffing my face with pizza and ice cream to ignore the fact that I wasn’t going out because I couldn’t drink. You might say that you can go out without drinking, and also have fun without being drunk, which I agree on (to save my reputation here) but I wanted to avoid the awkward situations and questions…
Saturday, I couldn’t stand staying in anymore, so I visited friends who just moved to a new flat. When I announced I wasn’t taking an alcoholic drink, the respond was “Why?” and “That is so not like you!” Did people think that I only go great together with a glass of Martini in my hand? How monstrous! My name has become an association with alcohol!
Anyway I said that I just want to see if I can resist things I like for a while.
“But why?”  “Is your dad like super religious or something?”
Even I hadn’t an answer for that. And no, neither my dad nor I are super religious. Only the explanation that it was a project for my blog, cooled the air a little.
Besides, I only renounce one thing for one week. Meaning the moment it starts to get tough, the week is already over. It still feels a little bit like cheating. (Until I get to the No-Facebook-Week, right)
To say, not drinking alcohol is a social suicide might be a bit harsh, but not entirely untrue. In the bar, I felt genuinely weird with a soda in my hand.
I now understand people who don’t drink alcohol at all.
No, let me rephrase that; I understand why people not drinking alcohol get annoyed when you ask them if they want a proper drink. But please don't get me the wrong way, that after one week without, I will start drinking like a fish today. I think one of my purposes of the challenge is, to take something from it to my daily routine. Which one will last is to be continued.
At least I can say that I completed my first mission without fail and that is good for a start, isn’t it?
This week I am digging deeper in my subconscious and will undertake the stopping of always fumbling and splitting my hair ends. Which I think will be a lot more difficult than the alcohol matter, because it’s unconscious and you can do it anywhere anytime. I am mostly not even aware of my spleen, so I guess it will be hard to control. But on the other hand giving my hair a rest will be nice for a change. Maybe I come out of this with shiny healthy hair, who knows. Got to look on the bright side right?
By the way I find too, that I go great together with a glass of martini.
Cheers to that! <- click to be cheered up! :)


  1. cheers dear!
    I also finished my first week without sweets and sports every day. Feels good.

  2. Hi its meg and jaz here, we think your blog is really good! keep up the good posts :)

  3. Thanks for your comment :D enjoy reading your posts... so may blogs where posts are predominantly just photographs, (which don't get me wrong, I love, but it's nice to see some well written posts which inspire discussion.


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