No shiny hair, no competition! - The second week

Here I am on the verge of my third week, which I dreaded all along. Actually I managed to forget it mostly of the time, but today is the day. I will post this article on facebook, and then not go online for a week… 
Oh, why am I doing this to myself!
But first a little of my experience last week; the assignment was to stop playing with my hair ends every time I get carried away in my thoughts. It’s tougher than you think, but with some tricks even that subconscious obsession can be controlled. At least for the time being.
As I am living in Barcelona studying fashion journalism, I am surrounded by beautiful Spanish girls, and let me tell you, they have hair like in the magazines; long, curly and shiny! I wish I could have hair like that, but my ends always break off while brushing it. And I keep making it worse with my hair splitting mania. My over-bleached-platin-blonde-outgrown-bob-cut is just sad to look at. But it is SO relaxing to “analyze” your hair and remove the little dead ends…
As you can see, I was kind of trapped between the wish of having well-groomed hair again and giving up my dear self-calming-method. 
I made a decision and went to the salon! Having the motivation of healthy looking ends, I went to buy new shampoo, which is supposed to be THE ultimate trend amongst experts. It is a shampoo with Biotin and liquefied Keratin and doesn’t contain color, perfume or silicones. Especially the silicones are supposed to be very bad for your hair because it makes it look nice from the outside, but just keeps drying it out from the inside. And as my hair is already bleached and I have to wash it with the highly percentage chloride tap water of Barcelona, the evil silicone shampoo reign had to stop. 
Anyway as I went home, googling my new trendy product for more information 
I find out that it’s actually shampoo for horses! I bought a freaking horse shampoo, which was stored casually in the same section as the human shampoo. Horse Shampoo??? I assumed when I go to the Health& Beauty department I didn’t have to worry they will put the eccentric pet shampoos in the same shelve! Okay the image on the bottle (which was a horse) could have made me a little bit suspicious but come on, would you have expected that!?
Leastwise I had a good laugh. And besides it is supposed to make your hair very shiny for the next competition! ^^
A straight 10 for the hair I would say! Photo from Julian Wolkenstein, check out his website here.
 Okay enough off that, for those who are looking for serious remedy; I found it very helpful to put my hair up, so I couldn’t even start plucking my hair. Here are some nice and easy hairdos if you want to look stylish but need to have the hair out of your face (and fingers!)

1. part a section from you upper hair
2. braid your hair to the side, whilst including always a strand from the  bottom hair to fix the braid
3. fix it with a transparent elastic band.

1. backcomb the back of your hair and put it to two ponytails over each other, not to tight to the scalp
2. twirl the underpart ponytail rightwise around the upper one and fix it with pins
                                            3. twirl the upperpart ponytail leftwise around it and                                                  fix it with pins and hairspray

1. backcomb the back of your hair
2. bend your head to the front and fix the ponytail with an elastic band in the neck
3. pull out a string of hair and twirl it around the elastic band, fix it with pins underneath the tail

I really like the last hairdo, kind of Brigitte Bardot, whom is my new hair icon. Now, if my damn hair would only grow faster!

Well, I hope you had fun reading this and I wish you a hair full of shine start into the week! xx
P.s. I am kind of worried my friends will post bullshit on my facebook wall while I am gone. Should I be worried?

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