It's gonna be a bright sun shiny day!

 A poetic look on this years spring accessories...

Yes, this is what I do on a rainy day, when I can't go out
I play with my hats and sunglasses and it makes me perfectly happy!
So here are my ideas for spring 2012 
The trendy vegetarian-changes her style every season, but not her belief
The comic addict-her favorite inspiration is Minnie Mouse
The hopeless romantic-when getting ready for a date is half the joy
The curious city girl-she dresses to impress, but stays comfortable

I hope you enjoyed my little shooting and maybe you found some inspiration for the great spring we all have ahead of us! All of the items belong to my private collection, but I can tell you most of it is vintage or from the famous H&M, thus not so hard to get. But if you would like to know about a particular item, feel free to ask! xx


  1. simply feminine, classy, elegant, vintage, poetic and sexy as you are!! Thanks for the ideas! Andie XX


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