The 10 sun commandments

The summer is coming and we all love to spend time outside. And while we are having fun, most of us forget that we are exposing ourselves to one of the most underestimated dangers nowadays: The sun.

How so? Well, let me explain;
Doesn’t it startle you that the ink of a document disappears when exposed in the sun for too long? You never wondered about a curtain that has been hanging in the window for a long time, and the sun bleached the color out over the years?
If the sun has the power to do that, what do you think will it do to your skin?
Obviously, you won’t see it now, but realize later, when it’s too late.

Unprotected sun exposure is the number one factor for premature skin aging. The sun will damage your skin tissue, dry it out and reduce the natural collagen cells. And if you didn’t know it yet; yes, that leads to wrinkles and age spots, except you are not going to be 70 when you get them, but 40 or younger.

The more frequent you expose yourself to the sun, the more likely and the earlier it will happen to you. Especially if you had a lot of sunburns over the time.
Oh you will look fabulous until you are, lets say 35, but one day your skin is just tired of repairing and forgiving your stupid mistakes. And then? Then you will regret, my dear.

Have you ever seen a really sunburned skin? I have. Believe me, Barcelona is a horror house for me right now. Also skin cancer is an issue not to be ignored for much longer, in the next 10 years the number of skin cancer patients will be the double...
Already the red color of sunburn should be a warning sign for you, I mean, the skin is BURNED, what more do you need to realize that the sun isn’t our friend, it’s harming us!
But don’t despair, help is arriving:

In order to save our skin (and souls) one must follow the 10 sun commandments:

1.     Thou shalt always treat thy skin as thy most precious having!
      We only have this one skin, and while your body can renew it for a lot of years, medical technology still can't repair it perfectly. If it's damaged, it's for good.

2.   Thou shalt always put sunscreen on thy face, decollete and hands!
If you want to keep them young, do it every single day. (A lot of face lotions contain SPF nowadays, without being sticky)
3.     Thou shalt always avoid the sun between 12.00 and 15.00 o’clock!
Stay inside or in a shady place and if you have to go out, cover yourself with a hat and light clothes or carry a parasol with you.

4.     Thou shalt not desire thy neighbor’s suntan!
If you are a natural pale type you will never get tanned anyway. You are only going to harm your skin by trying to get as tanned as others. Might as well preserve your noble paleness and age naturally.

5.  Thou shalt always start the summer season with SPF 50!
After a couple of weeks you can go down to 30. I personally don’t see the use of SPF under 30.

6.     Thou shalt always put on sunscreen regularly, everywhere and use a lot! Also after swimming and rubbing yourself with a towel. Ask your friends to do places you can’t reach! Nowadays sunscreen is light, transparent, hardly sticky, and with immediate effect, so there really is no excuse for not wearing it.

7.     Thou shalt not think that thou won’t get tanned by wearing sunscreen! Sunscreen is only protecting your skin against UV rays, it doesn't block the ability to get tanned. Also you don’t have to lie flat like a stranded whale to get tanned, moving around provides a more healthy and equal tan.

8.     Thou shalt not stay hours and hours in the sun!
2-3 hours a day is more than enough to get a nice tan. You don’t have to fry yourself in the sun, especially in the beginning, you should start with 20 minutes everyday until your skin gets used to the sun.

9.     Thou shalt not ignore the lightest shade of red on your skin!
Get out of the sun, I mean it! The red will only get deeper with time, and the longer you stay in the sun the worse the burn will get. If you feel you get a sunburn and there is no shadow in reach, put on light clothes or put a scarf around the exposed area, fabrics also provide SPF.

10. Thou shalt always hydrate!
If you got a sunburn you should hydrate from inside as well as from outside. Drink a lot of water, stay away from alcohol. Put on cooling and hydrating lotions, there are some good “after-sun” products on the market. Stay inside until your skin has either turned tanned or white again. Don’t go into the sun with a sunburn! This will damage your skin very badly. 

And last, but not least:
11. Thou shalt always let your skin recover!
After a summer full of sun, you should let your skin rest for at least a couple of month without direct sun exposure.


  1. Thanks for reminding! !! I put on 50 even in winter time! ! And I live in Barcelona the horror place for skin care! Your article is fab .... and love the pics!! Beso


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