I wonder how, I wonder why...

For all those who wondered "well what is this girl actually doing in Barcelona?!",
the waiting has an end. Because I really do study and work hard to get my postgraduate degree in fashion journalism. And it's time to show you what I have been up to these last months. I do a lot, but curiously I hardly ever show it.
I guess this is the very famous female syndrome of not really recognizing their own work as worthy, and I definitely got it.
But it's going to stop here and now. I am proudly presenting you my magazine project! (besides the fact that I should also be very proud of doing a degree in a language that I learned... 8 months ago, when university started, actually)

The project was a group work of making up an entire magazine, including writing articles, doing the layout and design, making a photo shoot and print it as a real copy.
As we were 6 girls who contributed work, it became a magazine of more than 80 pages,
so I am only going to show you my work on the project.
P.s. If you click on the images, they appear bigger.

Cover of I.M.
An magazine that offers an intelligent selection on fashion, beauty, art and culture.
March/April, Special Issue "British"

Our team, I put my self as Art director as I did most of the layout.

An article I wrote about our favorite clothes.

Inside cover for the Fashion section.

I interviewed Belle Sauvage,
a designer team from Luxembourg, based in London.

An article about Michael Tompert,
who destroys Apple products in the name of art.
Our magazine was a special issue about London,
this is the inside cover i made for the Section "British".

Our fashion foto shoot, running under the "British" theme,
with 6 British designers as inspiration for the styling.

I chose Felder Felder as inspiration and this is the outfit I styled.

The inside cover for the Cultural Offer in London this year.
I wrote a shopping guide for the Seven Dials in London.
I actually was there and I really recommend it for shopping lovers!

I hope you liked it!


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