cozmik tendenzy

For a while now this cosmic and galaxy trend has been hovering over our heads, but I think it landed on earth now and the streets are finally ready for it.

streetstyle pictures from glace a la mangue
Kustom Kix Shoes- The Nebula Collection
Charli XCX- got hooked on her sound
if you want to dive in the pastel universe- psychedelic's pinterest is the right place

Rebecca Fuchs with her brand Fucca, is one of the first designers I now, who created the watery color and the bleached stains effect last year. This year she is again among the first to introduce the cozmik trend on the ground. Casuality plays a great role in her process of creating clothes, making every piece a unique (universe).

you can buy these amazing pieces here

I think I am going to launch my rocket and visit the galaxy up there tonight! x


  1. oooh, so glad you did a post on this trend, i too am trying to get on the bandwagon (saw a pair of leggings at topshop, but didnt have the exact look i was hoping for!) but i will for sure visit those shops listed! xo


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