Oh shoes! You so awesome!

"Come to us, Lady," said the shoes "and we will make you beautiful too.
"We alone can make you blossom and flourish into a glorious and whole human being."
from the book The shoes of Salvation by Edward Monkton

I can't wait to wear them!

Have a nice weekend you all, enjoy your shoes! xx


Belle Sauvage

Belle Sauvage was created in 2008 and is nowadays based in London. Virginia Ferreira and Christian Neuman, who are the Designers behind the label are both from Luxembourg. Virgina designs the sharp and imaginative silhouettes, while Christian is responsible for the vivid and dynamic prints.
The fans of Belle Sauvage are young, awake and aware of the future trends, women as well as men wear their eye-catching designs. Although the label isn’t that old, they found their place in the celebrity market quickly; Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and The Ting-Tings are loyal customers.

SS 2012
Did you follow a fashion design study or do you come from a completely different background?
Christian Neuman  I have a BA in Design but mostly did painting and illustration in my first degree. I have an MA in Filmmaking. Virginia has a diploma in Fashion Design.

Do you think your study prepared you enough for working in this industry? 
The studies are really just the entrance to the industry. It is a necessary tool but everybody nowadays has at least a B.A in a design related subject. It does certainly give you some crafts but it is just the beginning.

Did you know from the beginning you wanted to create your own label? 
Yes. Can’t work for someone else. I get no satisfaction form it.

FW 2012
What was your occupation before you started with Belle Sauvage?
I did some exhibitions and directed some films.

How did you come to the idea of establishing your own label?
Fashion was at the end the industry, that combines most of our talents. I really love it because I love the people and the speed of creativity that you need to stay fresh all the time.

Did you ever think you would come this far with your label (that pop stars like Lady Gaga wear them)?
To be honest press is the very easy part of a label. You just need to get a good press agent. Sales and a long term creativity are the key challenges.

What always inspires you?
Fine arts are my thriving inspiration. It just gives me the freshest approaches upon the world and esthetics.

Can you tell us three major style keys about the S/S 2012 collection?
It was 40’s chic, big allure iconic film stars and deconstruction of bloc colors versus floral and abstract prints. Lots of creamy yellows, soft lilac and reds. A lot of White too.

fashion film still
Explain us a little about the phenomena fashion film, which you are also experimenting with! I love fashion film because I am also a filmmaker. I see fashion film as the avant garde art films form the beginning of last century. Of course they are selling products but you can be so creative. It is much better than just stills as you have the audiovisual aspect.

What blogs do you read regularly?
I don’t read blogs unless we are featured in them. I do like the coolhunter blog… 

SS 2013
What are your plans for the future?
We will move to Paris with PR and showroom. We want to show official schedule in Paris asap and of course expand our sales worldwide with a focus on Asia.

How does the label Belle Sauvage deal with the economic crisis?
We target markets that are on the other side of the coin and have fast economic growth.

Do you think of going back to Luxembourg at some point of time? 
Yes, I am all the time in contact with Luxemboug at the moment. After 6 years in London I was happy to look more often into what’s going on in Luxembourg. 
Thank you for your time!

Editors note: The collections FW 2012 and SS 2013 are already to see on the Belle Sauvage website or facebook page

This interview was for the magazine project I.M.


Argan oil - a miracle worker?

picture from argan society
If there is an it-product of the year, I guess it would be argan oil. Actors, models and muses are using and promoting this oil as if it were a miracle worker. Yet another one?
Originally this oil comes from the argan tree in Morocco and also is called Moroccan oil in the cosmetic industry. So far nothing exciting, but as the rumors keep going on I tracked down a little bit more information.

Praised highly, but what does argan oil really do for you?
  1. Can be used in the kitchen (be aware of the difference between culinary and cosmetic argan oil) you can put it on salads, couscous or us it for dips
  2. Apparently helps preventing vascular diseases, obesity and even cancer
  3. Lowers the levels of harmful cholesterol in the body
  4. Gives weak nails strength
  5. Can be used against dry skin, burns and wrinkles
  6. It fortifies the hair and makes it shiny
All in all argan oil seems to have an allover nourishing function for our body.

Maybe you think "This is the cosmetic industry trying to sell us yet an other product that doesn't do anything" but I have to disagree. Why? Mainly because it is a natural product, that, if used pure, can't be harmful for the body. I tried it myself during winter time, the dry skin on my legs was gone very quickly...
Recently I discovered new products by dm balea professional containing argan oil for very damaged hair, which I am very excited to try out!
Repair shampoo, conditioner and oil with argan oil from Balea
I will keep you posted if it even works for super dry hair (which I have). In the meantime you can keep your eyes open for products with argan oil, once you know the name, it keeps appearing everywhere. Stay shiny, x


Nailed it!

I think 2012 is THE year for nail art trends.
Out of nowhere, there were a lot more colours available that seemed impossible to produce before, like the neon or metallic ones. And then there were the magnetic, cosmic and what-not effects. Images, Faces, Maps, Comics, all of a sudden everything was available in thumbnail size. Somehow this hype passed by me, I never was really that much into nail art...
But this new thing, called outlined nails, actually might be something I would like to try. It looks pretty cool, and I especially like the color combinations in these two pictures.
What do you think? Should I try it??

outlined nails by loveaesthetics.blogspot.com

outlined nails found on pinterest



Be aware, new talent is in town!
Graduation is over and there are some damn good designers ready to rumble!
I had a closer eye on the students graduating from the same art academy I went to, and this year I definitely fell in love with the collection of Matt de Jong.
It's called LOST PROPERTY and shows a mix of various textures, ecstatic colors and joyful prints. Although the clash of all these properties seems pretty impossible to be dressed in, Matt managed his way around an awkward mess and accomplished highly wearable pieces that can be combined with basics as well as with the rest of the collection.

"The collection is a comment on my generation and our constant need to search for something new."

While he has a point with his statement I do see some nostalgia in these pictures and I can imagine someone like Lana del Rey (who is the queen of nostalgic images) wearing these in her next video...

Photography: Robbert Jacobs
Hair: Charlie Breemer
Make-up: Thoke Delorge
Model: Jorien Leferink Bmmm Agency
Collection and styling: Matt de Jong
Fashion assistant: Monika Majer


Why I still love my room at my parents - part 1

After not living at home for a long time, I still like to go back to my parents house. Why? Because all the things I can not take with me when I go abroad are still there. Waiting for me. They are very patient. Until I finally take them to my own place. I can't wait to get there!!

my nightstand



picture by Manu Maas
I fell in love with this picture a friend of mine took.
Great inspiration for the cosmic trend that I posted a while ago! x