Argan oil - a miracle worker?

picture from argan society
If there is an it-product of the year, I guess it would be argan oil. Actors, models and muses are using and promoting this oil as if it were a miracle worker. Yet another one?
Originally this oil comes from the argan tree in Morocco and also is called Moroccan oil in the cosmetic industry. So far nothing exciting, but as the rumors keep going on I tracked down a little bit more information.

Praised highly, but what does argan oil really do for you?
  1. Can be used in the kitchen (be aware of the difference between culinary and cosmetic argan oil) you can put it on salads, couscous or us it for dips
  2. Apparently helps preventing vascular diseases, obesity and even cancer
  3. Lowers the levels of harmful cholesterol in the body
  4. Gives weak nails strength
  5. Can be used against dry skin, burns and wrinkles
  6. It fortifies the hair and makes it shiny
All in all argan oil seems to have an allover nourishing function for our body.

Maybe you think "This is the cosmetic industry trying to sell us yet an other product that doesn't do anything" but I have to disagree. Why? Mainly because it is a natural product, that, if used pure, can't be harmful for the body. I tried it myself during winter time, the dry skin on my legs was gone very quickly...
Recently I discovered new products by dm balea professional containing argan oil for very damaged hair, which I am very excited to try out!
Repair shampoo, conditioner and oil with argan oil from Balea
I will keep you posted if it even works for super dry hair (which I have). In the meantime you can keep your eyes open for products with argan oil, once you know the name, it keeps appearing everywhere. Stay shiny, x


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