Be aware, new talent is in town!
Graduation is over and there are some damn good designers ready to rumble!
I had a closer eye on the students graduating from the same art academy I went to, and this year I definitely fell in love with the collection of Matt de Jong.
It's called LOST PROPERTY and shows a mix of various textures, ecstatic colors and joyful prints. Although the clash of all these properties seems pretty impossible to be dressed in, Matt managed his way around an awkward mess and accomplished highly wearable pieces that can be combined with basics as well as with the rest of the collection.

"The collection is a comment on my generation and our constant need to search for something new."

While he has a point with his statement I do see some nostalgia in these pictures and I can imagine someone like Lana del Rey (who is the queen of nostalgic images) wearing these in her next video...

Photography: Robbert Jacobs
Hair: Charlie Breemer
Make-up: Thoke Delorge
Model: Jorien Leferink Bmmm Agency
Collection and styling: Matt de Jong
Fashion assistant: Monika Majer


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