5PREVIEW over sized sweater

As you can see I am following my own tips of the autumn to do list and bought myself an over sized mohair sweater as a dress. This one is from 5PREVIEW, a Swedish label which I discovered at the Pool Outlet in Munich. I like their fall winter collection for this year.
My shoes are from Buffalo London.


what to do in autumn

For a lot of people now starts the time they dreaded over the whole year. But honestly I kind of like autumn, there so much stuff you can do but you don't have to do.
Isn't that wonderful after a summer full of "have-to's" ?

It's autumn, now you can :
  • wear hats, gloves, scarves
  • collect leaves
  • stay inside on a rainy day
  • buy matching boots and umbrella
  • jump in puddles with your boots
  • fly a kite
  • enjoy that nice feeling when you come back to the house, and it's warm and cozy inside
  • start watching a new series
  • take a bath
  • read a good book in front of your fireplace (if you have one, otherwise your bed will always do the trick)
  • watch a movie without having a bad conscience
  • have a creative day with your friends
  • start thinking about Christmas presents
  • put your blankets and pillows on the window ledge to freshen them up
  • go to a pet zoo 
  • make your bike winter proof
  • get a massage
  • blame your bad mood on the weather
  • blame everything on the weather
  • go to the sauna 
  • create a pinterest profile
  • fill baileys in ice cubes to put in hot chocolate
  • drink hot chocolate
  • forget your diet 
  • bake cakes and cookies (and eat them, too!!)
  • take a walk to get those rosy cheeks
  • get something new that makes you happy
  • make pumpkin soup, it's the best! 
  • check out the newest trends for fall/winter
  • Buy warm shoes. For once.
  • plan a city trip, now that temperatures and prices are lower
  • take up sewing or knitting
  • buy an over-sized pullover as adress
  • clean your make-up tools
  • go through all your old boxes with jewellery, beauty stuff or clothes
  • put your printed photos, tickets, memories from trips in an album
  • clean up, give away stuff you don't need anymore
  • make to do lists

Most important: have a good time! x


miniguide Barcelona

picture by John Anguer,
author of the blog glacealamangue
Actually, today I wanted to post something about the start of autumn but I have exciting news!
My first article has been published !
Miniguide is a pocket-size cultural magazine and guide to Barcelona and I am one of the new freelancers for fashion...
Couldn't be more happy about this!
If you can't get the magazine you can read my article on miniguide.es
to be continued monthly! :)

Also I received the Blog Diamond Award from www.styleenmiopinion.blogspot.com which is wicked! Check out Sofi's blog, you will love her jewellery! Thank you Sofi!!!

I would like to pass this Award to my favorite blogs, which are the following:

Check them out, maybe you like them too! x

collecting last drops of sun

I made these only a couple of days ago when I picked some strawberries with my sister,
and now it's so chilly (at least in Luxembourg) that these pictures almost seem surreal...

our backyard
my sister wore a really cool vintage cardigan
not a real butterfly ;)

Anyways, enjoy it while it lasts! x
ps: the strawberries were delicious :)


let's hear it for NEW YORK

Today, my sister left for a trip to New York. She is staying there for three whole months and asked me for a little notebook; "Something like moleskine". I made her a notebook myself which I hope she can use for all her adventures on the way!

Black cover like a moleskine, but with a customized New York wrapping
inside cover
the book contains many different papers, also vintage ones from old schoolbooks and pictures
SATC special locations
a map of the lower east side
different categories
little papers to tear out and the inside cover
back of the notebook

 I enjoyed making this, maybe I will make more in the future who knows...


indian summer hairstyle - silk crown

Are you depressed by the temperature drop and the early sunset?
Don't let the bad mood kill your fashion vibe!
I've got a look that suits the end of summer as well as the beginning of autumn very well!

This look is very easy to make yourself :
Take a silk scarf and a pearl necklace in matching colors, braid them together and put a tight knot in it. Depending on which look you want, you can go for only one braid or a lot of them to make a real crown.

To get the same result as mine, just twist your hair in the neck and put under the silk braids. It surely looks nice with open hair, too!
To make the look complete, put on some huge shades which have light glasses. Yellow ones make everything look sunnier :)


sofi moukidou jewellery

All pictures in this post are by sofi moukidou jewellery
While I often complain about how fast-paced and exhausting the internet and it's social networking is, I recently re-discovered one of the good things about it:
spot new designers!
In today's discover section is jewellery designer Sofi Moukidou.
I have been following her blog for some time now, and she brought out some new pieces which I wanted to share with you. One of the reasons I love her collections so much is that Sofi works a lot with vintage pieces but also picks up on current trends, like the tribal style. The geometrical elements, the spikes and the gold make Sofi's pieces real must-haves for this season!!

Being so thrilled about this jewellery I bought something over the internet for the very first time... I ordered a necklace from Sofi Moukidou, that she made especially for me and I am so exited that I am checking the mailbox at least three times a day!
It's for me! ;)

Check out Sofi Moukidou jewellery
on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/sofi-moukidou-jewellery/232877040104914
and etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/mouka85


To do list for the last summer days

Maybe you haven't noticed or maybe you are blocking it out successfully.
The days are getting shorter, the evenings colder and there is a "back to school" smell in the air... Sorry to tell you but summer draws to a close.
I made a to do list and I hope this brings you to enjoy your last summer days even more!
picture by Elena Pavaletz

To do before summer ends:
  • wear bright make-up and nails
  • roam the shops for last summer sales
  • organize a barbecue party on your rooftop
  • take pictures with your friends; enjoying the sun
  • go for a bike tour
  • buy flowers and make leis (flower garlands)
  • eat ice cream on a terrace
  • make a mini trip to the closest beach; collect sea shells...
  • go skinny-dipping at night
  • have a picnic in your local park, invite everybody
  • take pictures of sunny days with a single-use camera; develop them when the weather turns bad
  • drink lots of refreshing cocktails
  • party outside all night long until and then watch the sunrise
  • show of your tan
  • wear your sunglasses, hats, dresses, sandals...
  • make a boat trip on a lake
  • enjoy the smell of freshly mowed gras
  • collect wild flowers
  • eat breakfast on your balcony (or someone else's)
  • walk barefoot around the garden
  • go camping for a few days
  • go lie in a cornfield an watch the stars
  • live out the last festivals
  • organize a scavenger hunt
  • sell unnecessary stuff on a flea market (and buy new stuff for next summer)
  • pick last strawberries
  •  run off to the woods (without your smartphone) like in the old times
  •  enjoy the last movies at an open air cinema or drive-in cinema
  • flirt for all one's worth !
  • plan your next holidays
  • invite your whole friend list on facebook and have a giant water balloon battle!!

    Just go for it! x


dip dye hair

Dip dye hair & Vintage blouse & Zara shades
Finally I tried the dip dye look! I did it with a friend together, so we colored each others hair. She got violet and I took emerald green. Honestly I love the color, it is exactly the way I wanted it! Have to refresh it every week I think, but the ends are really easy to recolor yourself... The blouse is vintage and I got it as a present from my sister, it fits perfectly together with this look, don't you think?