miniguide Barcelona

picture by John Anguer,
author of the blog glacealamangue
Actually, today I wanted to post something about the start of autumn but I have exciting news!
My first article has been published !
Miniguide is a pocket-size cultural magazine and guide to Barcelona and I am one of the new freelancers for fashion...
Couldn't be more happy about this!
If you can't get the magazine you can read my article on
to be continued monthly! :)

Also I received the Blog Diamond Award from which is wicked! Check out Sofi's blog, you will love her jewellery! Thank you Sofi!!!

I would like to pass this Award to my favorite blogs, which are the following:

Check them out, maybe you like them too! x


  1. Great news on the miniguide! Does it even become 'winter' in barcelona?

  2. omg! so great news!
    congrats girl!


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