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All pictures in this post are by sofi moukidou jewellery
While I often complain about how fast-paced and exhausting the internet and it's social networking is, I recently re-discovered one of the good things about it:
spot new designers!
In today's discover section is jewellery designer Sofi Moukidou.
I have been following her blog for some time now, and she brought out some new pieces which I wanted to share with you. One of the reasons I love her collections so much is that Sofi works a lot with vintage pieces but also picks up on current trends, like the tribal style. The geometrical elements, the spikes and the gold make Sofi's pieces real must-haves for this season!!

Being so thrilled about this jewellery I bought something over the internet for the very first time... I ordered a necklace from Sofi Moukidou, that she made especially for me and I am so exited that I am checking the mailbox at least three times a day!
It's for me! ;)

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