To do list for the last summer days

Maybe you haven't noticed or maybe you are blocking it out successfully.
The days are getting shorter, the evenings colder and there is a "back to school" smell in the air... Sorry to tell you but summer draws to a close.
I made a to do list and I hope this brings you to enjoy your last summer days even more!
picture by Elena Pavaletz

To do before summer ends:
  • wear bright make-up and nails
  • roam the shops for last summer sales
  • organize a barbecue party on your rooftop
  • take pictures with your friends; enjoying the sun
  • go for a bike tour
  • buy flowers and make leis (flower garlands)
  • eat ice cream on a terrace
  • make a mini trip to the closest beach; collect sea shells...
  • go skinny-dipping at night
  • have a picnic in your local park, invite everybody
  • take pictures of sunny days with a single-use camera; develop them when the weather turns bad
  • drink lots of refreshing cocktails
  • party outside all night long until and then watch the sunrise
  • show of your tan
  • wear your sunglasses, hats, dresses, sandals...
  • make a boat trip on a lake
  • enjoy the smell of freshly mowed gras
  • collect wild flowers
  • eat breakfast on your balcony (or someone else's)
  • walk barefoot around the garden
  • go camping for a few days
  • go lie in a cornfield an watch the stars
  • live out the last festivals
  • organize a scavenger hunt
  • sell unnecessary stuff on a flea market (and buy new stuff for next summer)
  • pick last strawberries
  •  run off to the woods (without your smartphone) like in the old times
  •  enjoy the last movies at an open air cinema or drive-in cinema
  • flirt for all one's worth !
  • plan your next holidays
  • invite your whole friend list on facebook and have a giant water balloon battle!!

    Just go for it! x


  1. wow! great post!
    thnx for sharring!
    i'll try to do the most of them!


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