what to do in autumn

For a lot of people now starts the time they dreaded over the whole year. But honestly I kind of like autumn, there so much stuff you can do but you don't have to do.
Isn't that wonderful after a summer full of "have-to's" ?

It's autumn, now you can :
  • wear hats, gloves, scarves
  • collect leaves
  • stay inside on a rainy day
  • buy matching boots and umbrella
  • jump in puddles with your boots
  • fly a kite
  • enjoy that nice feeling when you come back to the house, and it's warm and cozy inside
  • start watching a new series
  • take a bath
  • read a good book in front of your fireplace (if you have one, otherwise your bed will always do the trick)
  • watch a movie without having a bad conscience
  • have a creative day with your friends
  • start thinking about Christmas presents
  • put your blankets and pillows on the window ledge to freshen them up
  • go to a pet zoo 
  • make your bike winter proof
  • get a massage
  • blame your bad mood on the weather
  • blame everything on the weather
  • go to the sauna 
  • create a pinterest profile
  • fill baileys in ice cubes to put in hot chocolate
  • drink hot chocolate
  • forget your diet 
  • bake cakes and cookies (and eat them, too!!)
  • take a walk to get those rosy cheeks
  • get something new that makes you happy
  • make pumpkin soup, it's the best! 
  • check out the newest trends for fall/winter
  • Buy warm shoes. For once.
  • plan a city trip, now that temperatures and prices are lower
  • take up sewing or knitting
  • buy an over-sized pullover as adress
  • clean your make-up tools
  • go through all your old boxes with jewellery, beauty stuff or clothes
  • put your printed photos, tickets, memories from trips in an album
  • clean up, give away stuff you don't need anymore
  • make to do lists

Most important: have a good time! x


  1. love this post soooo much!
    so useful advices!
    thnx for sharring!


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