Halloween Comic Make-up

Halloween isn't really a tradition in Europe, but we party nevertheless. Especially because we can sleep late the next day. I saw a lot of spooky costumes and really disgusting make-ups in the past few days, but one trend has particularly caught my eye. It seems this year, paintings (Mona Lisa, van Gogh, ...) or a comic (Roy Lichtenstein) is THE thing to look like!

I think I might try the comic make-up last minute tonight...



Menswear 2010
Design, styling and copyright by Rosi Muller
Photos by Sina Stieger


packing boxes

I am packing boxes. But I am not moving to another place, I am preparing for a Halloween photo shooting! Tomorrow I will be driving to Amersfoort in the Netherlands and check into a hotel, so I can start early next morning to shot pictures with Sas Terpstra. Although I already assisted and styled some photo shoots, I am excited and nervous at the same time!
Looking forward to share the results with you! x


Post Art Exchange # 1

Exciting news!!
The first postcard arrived today, made by Nicky from Kentucky.
It is so lovely that I don't even want to add a lot... Have a look for your self!

I haven't posted anything about my first card, because I don't want to spoil the surprise for the person to receive it! x


Les dents du loup

It's October, and I just realized that I have been blogging for a year now. Wow, I didn't think I'd make it so far! But the real challenge now is keeping up the good posts, regarding the fact that most blogs don't reach the age of two years...
I hope you still enjoy my fashion related posts and of course those where I try to be funny ;)

At the moment I am busy organizing the styling for a fashion shoot, writing the next article for miniguide and being creative for the 1st Post Art Exchange, started by Courtney. Looking forward to post about all of this of course!

In the meantime I decided to open a little fashion design and styling portfolio here, so those of you who don't know my work will be able to have a look now!

My design for a shirt:
"Les dents du loup" (The wolf's teeth)

Pictures by Sina Stieger
Design&Styling by Rosi Muller

Copyright by Rosi Muller, owner of this blog.


oriental opulence

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday is digging in my old jewellery boxes.
And wearing everything at once.

The vintage blouse is a gift from my sister, she magically always knows what I like.
Big sisters are awesome aren't they? xx


Do you find this disturbing?

Charlotte Free
In fashion, isn’t this a justified question? Because if you truly think about it… What still shocks us, what makes us shake our heads and what shakes us to the core? 
If you even think of the worst fashion statement you can come up with, I would still have to wave aside and say, “boring”. Everything has been there already, nothing is new or shocking, the prudes, the hippies, the punks, heroin chic, every style has been there, but who still pulls it off?? We live in a society where we can do what we want. And what do we do? We blend in, we want to be all the same. Who still has the guts to stand out? And what shocks our generation most? I’ve been thinking and I recently came to this;
                                                               is it maybe hairy armpits?


Post Art Exchange

I am reposting this from run2thewild, it is a fun thing to do, I would love it if some of you would like to participate!

We are still looking for people participating in our post art exchange! It's really a cool project, basically there is a list of addresses and you receive postcards, do something creative with them and have to pass them to the next person...

Courtney from www.run2thewild.blogspot.com is organizing this mail exchange and if you would like to participate send :

Your Email
Your Address
Your full Name

to courtney_howard68@eku.edu With the title of your email as POST ART EXCHANGE
before this weekend ends!!

So essentially you can start working on your postcard now!

Some important things to remember....
--you need to include a note with your list of address from the email
--you need to make sure you send your post card to number 2 on the list
--others will be altering your card so try not to get complicated and just have fun
--also you will be receiving more cards in the mail for you to alter it is important to keep them going in a timely matter
--all postcards are due before the end of October to their final destination!


I am including some inspirational pics in this post so hopefully it will inspire you! Get as crazy and creative as you want to... and really size is not an issue in my book! This should be loads of fun! Also when you receive another postcard it would be nice to see a before and after picture to post on your blog.

check out this link for more info on mail art... pretty interesting! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mail_art

 If you're interested you know what to do!! :)


You've got mail!

jewellery by Sofi Moukidou
I received the necklace from Sofi Moukidou some time ago and I still didn't show it to you, shame on me.
I was so excited when I got the little package in my mailbox and the necklace is everything I expected!
Even better I got a little present, a ring with a skull and a golden cross, which couldn't be more perfect for me!
I found the perfect outfit to go with it, an aztek print skirt and some platform shoes. I wish I could buy like a 100 of these necklaces to create a real wild outfit...
x, stay wild!