How to clean make-up brushes

The party season has started, and with it extravagant styling and bold make-up are on their way. Sparks, glitter and gloom, smokey eyes and dark lips; in winter, make-up tools come to their full use. But also daily use will cause your brushes to gather make-up residues, dead skin cells, bacteria and dust. That's why it is handy to know how to take care of your make-up brushes.

Here is an easy 3 step plan on how to clean your make-up brushes:

1. Buy antibacterial soap. Normal soap or shampoo will do too, but when it comes to the face, I like to go sure and have all the make-up residues and bacteria out of the brush. I read some post about cleaning your make-up brushes with white vinegar and I've tried it, but honestly it doesn't remove half the make-up in the brush. I use Uni Cura Soap and I find it ideal for this kind of cleaning.

2. Dispense soap on your hands and get the make-up brush to foam in the palm of your hand. Always do this in a circular way, so you don't damage the hair of the brush. Then rinse out the soap with clear, lukewarm water. Repeat this step until no color is coming out of the brush anymore.

3. Dry your make-up brushes flat on a towel. This is important to maintain the form and direction of the hair. You can place them next to a radiator to dry them faster, but you should never put them on the radiator! It could dry out the hair and the glue that holds the brush together.

More tips:
- Clean the handle with an antibacterial wipe from time to time
- Make-up sponges can be washed with 60 degrees in the machine. Just put them in a bag and put them with the rest of your laundry.
- To prolong the quality of your brushes always keep them in their separate case or bag
- Use antibacterial wipes to clean your brushes quickly in between
- Check out a make-up pro store (e.g. M.A.C) to get a more professional cleaner for your tools

Enjoy your clean and soft brushes!


animal motif

This is my article in the November issue of miniguide.es

One of the trends Marina Araujo Alvarez predicted for this season is animal motifs: tigers, rabbits or even flamingos will make our winter more colorful.
By Rosi Muller
November 15, 2012
As a fashion designer and stylist, Marina already knows what we will be wearing next year. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Though you don’t like to hear it, even in Barcelona winter is coming. It might not get as cold as in Nordic countries and you won’t be able to show off your fur coats, but this year fashion is doing you a favor.
One of the trends Marina Araujo Alvarez predicted for this season is animal motifs: tigers, rabbits or even flamingos will make our winter more colorful. Who can afford mink anyway? And why not wear a whale print instead of fox fur on your chest for a change?
According to Marina this trend is not gender restricted; women as well as men can proudly wear animal motifs on their winter wear. Would you like to see more mood boards on fashion? Check out her blog and you will not be disappointed. The spring/summer 2013 report is already up; if that’s nothing to look forward to!


battlefield baby

This is my spring summer collection from 2010, the inspiration were army uniforms. I called it Battlefield Baby, a name that I still love. The prints are handmade with screen print technique, every piece is a unique item.


dark oriental

I've been quite busy lately, because I have been planning a few trips and shootings. The Halloween shoot is still not published, but I hope I can show you the results soon!
Next week I will travel to my old hometown Barcelona to pick up my diploma so I will officially have my postgraduate degree as a fashion journalist!
I am also excited that I managed to plan a shooting within this trip! I made a little mood board for inspiration, have a look! As you know from this earlier post, I am personally totally into that style, but now it's time to see it on a model ;)


Post Art Exchange # 2

This morning I finally received the second post card from our post art project! This one is letter size and has two completely different sides, a sign that already a lot of people worked on this card... have a look!

This side was originally made by Stephanie, but I don't know how many people have added stuff.

I am wondering what I should add to it...


inspirational fashion movies (part 2)

Almost Famous (2000)
Another movie that plays in the 70ies, with a real rock'n'roll story. I was 14 when Almost Famous came out and I totally flipped on it... Who didn't want to be like mysterious Penny Lane at that time? I even started decorating my lamps with scarfs like the girls do in the film. Turns out that is pretty dangerous.

The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)
Wes Anderson movies have this weird kind of esthetics that always get under my skin. This one is no different. The melancholic comedy-drama with the slightly morbid character of Margot is divine. The whole wardrobe of the Tenenbaums is really smooth.

Big Fish (2003)
If I tell you that Big Fish is a Tim Burton movie (without Johnny Depp for once) I probably won't have to say much more. The costumes and scenery are beautifully done, I found the lights and colors so inspiring that I based my graduation collection on it.

The September Issue (2010)
A good one for everyone who loved The Devil Wears Prada. This documentary shows us real behind-the-scenes of the creation of the september issue from American Vogue. You can see how frustrating it is for Grace Coddington, creative director, to watch Anna Wintour trash most of her ideas. Also not everyone at Vogue dresses like a supermodel, not even Grace Coddington, who was a model herself.

The Day Before (2011)
Originally this documentary series is produced by Arte editions (Loic Prigent)  and you can buy the 2 boxes containing each four DVDs on amazon. I got the box with Sonya Rykiel, Proenza Schouler, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Fendi. Not only that it is amazing to see how each designer prepares 36 hours before the show and what has to be done last minute. But also most interesting to see the difference between a very young label like Proenza Schouler with young and squirrely designers and a traditional label like Fendi with an experienced chap like Karl Lagerfeld, who has an eye for perfection.

We'll Take Manhattan (2012)

This BBC four movie is about the relation of two very famous people when they were not so famous; David Bailey, photographer, and Jean Shrimpton, model and icon of the 60ies. Send to New York to take pictures for the Young Ideas edition of Vogue, Bailey ignores his editor and goes through with his, at that time, strange vision. They basically pave the way of taking innovative pictures for fashion magazines.
You can't miss this one, it's a must-see!!

oming up soon is an inspirational book list!


inspirational fashion movies (part 1)

Have you ever googled "fashion movies" in the desperate hope to find something different and inspirational? And all you could find was Sex and the city, 27 dresses, maybe Breakfast at Tiffany's and if you were lucky Coco avant Chanel?
Being tired of that, I made my own fashion movie list. Some of them are about fashion, others just have great styling in them. Either way I find them all inspiring in one way or an other. And as Christmas is coming closer, maybe there is one or two movies you want to put on your wish list...

Ten Little Indians (1945, 1965, 1974)

I watched all three versions of Agatha Christie s book, and I found that I like all of them. The storyline is always the same of course; 10 people on an island, doomed to die one after one, but the wardrobe, mens as well as womens, is in each of them very charismatic for their time. If you like to have a look at authentic fashion from the 40ies, 60ies and 70ies and love old movies, it's definitely a fun thing to watch.

Hedwig And The Angry Inch (2001)
Hedwig and the angry inch is a strange, musical like story about the tour and life of a drag-queen. The costumes in this film are amazing, Hedwig changes clothes about 40 times in 87 minutes, thats a new outfit (and wig!) every 2 minutes!! And besides that it's simply a sensible portrait of a very special character.

Veruschka, A Life For The Camera  (2005)
In this documentary Veruschka (Vera Lehndorff), who was one of the most successfull supermodels of her time, takes a look back on her life and carreer. Sounds boring, but is one of the most fascinating documentaries I have ever seen. The pictures are so absorbing and captivating, we watched this in university, I sat there with my mouth open for 72 minutes.
(and if you type Veruschka Camouflage in your search engine, you will see that the new trend, of artists who blend in their background, isn't so new. Veruschka already did it in the 70ies)

Lucky Number Slevin (2006)
One of the only movies where I am completely and utterly fascinated by the mens wardrobe! Josh Hartnett looks like TinTin crossed over to the bad side... In fact Bruce (Willis) and Josh look perfect in every single shot. Haven't enjoyed looking at fully dressed man in a long time since this movie came out. Why don't more men dress like that??

Dirty Girl (2010)
Ok, the story-plot is complete bollocks BUT if you enjoy looking at cool 70ies gear, you can find nice ideas here. The movie claims to play in 1987 but either the costume designer made a huuge mistake by mixing up 87 with 77 or I don't know a thing about fashion history. Nevertheless Danielle's outfits, shoes and sunglasses are off the hook! And from what I hear, the 70ies will be pretty hot next summer...

Click here for part 2 of the inspirational fashion movie list!