How to clean make-up brushes

The party season has started, and with it extravagant styling and bold make-up are on their way. Sparks, glitter and gloom, smokey eyes and dark lips; in winter, make-up tools come to their full use. But also daily use will cause your brushes to gather make-up residues, dead skin cells, bacteria and dust. That's why it is handy to know how to take care of your make-up brushes.

Here is an easy 3 step plan on how to clean your make-up brushes:

1. Buy antibacterial soap. Normal soap or shampoo will do too, but when it comes to the face, I like to go sure and have all the make-up residues and bacteria out of the brush. I read some post about cleaning your make-up brushes with white vinegar and I've tried it, but honestly it doesn't remove half the make-up in the brush. I use Uni Cura Soap and I find it ideal for this kind of cleaning.

2. Dispense soap on your hands and get the make-up brush to foam in the palm of your hand. Always do this in a circular way, so you don't damage the hair of the brush. Then rinse out the soap with clear, lukewarm water. Repeat this step until no color is coming out of the brush anymore.

3. Dry your make-up brushes flat on a towel. This is important to maintain the form and direction of the hair. You can place them next to a radiator to dry them faster, but you should never put them on the radiator! It could dry out the hair and the glue that holds the brush together.

More tips:
- Clean the handle with an antibacterial wipe from time to time
- Make-up sponges can be washed with 60 degrees in the machine. Just put them in a bag and put them with the rest of your laundry.
- To prolong the quality of your brushes always keep them in their separate case or bag
- Use antibacterial wipes to clean your brushes quickly in between
- Check out a make-up pro store (e.g. M.A.C) to get a more professional cleaner for your tools

Enjoy your clean and soft brushes!


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