inspirational fashion book list (part 1)

As I already made a list of inspirational fashion movies I am going to share the equivalent inspirational book list with you!
These are books I keep in my shelf and which I like to browse through from time to time. Some of them are informative, others inspirational and some are just nice to look at...

David Bailey Sillages de beauté (2001)
The original title is David Bailey, Chasing Rainbows but I bought the french version from a sale about 10 years ago without really knowing who Bailey was. It was later when I discovered that I had purchased a little treasure of imagery. The book contains photographs taken between 1960 and 1999 and you can also find Jean Shrimpton in it... Blended with the vogue fashion spreads there are ethnographic portraits, which I think are a great inspiration for the present ethnic trends!

big book of fashion illustration by Martin Dawber (2007)
A visual bible for anyone who loves fashion, illustration and graphic design. This book contains about 1000 images made with every possible technique you can imagine. Sections are womenswear, menswear, children's clothing, hot youth styles, sportswear, accessories, beauty and glamour. While it is already 5 years old, and there are probably newer versions of it now, it really contains everything and is a great resource for anyone in the industry.

The Bloggers' Bookazine Circus #1 Fashion (2010)
Take a look at the hidden stories behind the fashion industry; you can read (in English and German) about models on their profession, how an unpaid internship at Vogue really is, confessions by a wool fetishist and a lot more...
"The material we are made of.
The forms that shape us.
The seams that unite us.
A view on fashion behind the illusion"
Needless to say that this book really has an interesting story to tell.

fragments: poems, intimate notes, letters by Marylin Monroe (2012)
Every time I hold this book in my hands I feel like I am guarding something delicate and special... Maybe it's because I am a big fan of Marylin or maybe just because it's such a nice thing to have in your collection of books. Fragments definitely shows us a different side of Marylin, a more private, thoughtful person who everybody thought and thinks to know all there is to know about her.
The written artifacts (which haven't been published before) are shown in her own handwriting, which makes it even more personal. Along come rarely seen pictures of our beloved Marylin.

100 Ideas That Changed Fashion (2012)
The most important and influential fashion ideas that changed womenswear in the West from 1900 until today in one book. Every spread is divided in an explaining text and a one page picture, the visual part is thus not left out. A big plus is not only the documentary factor but also the change in fashion is explained, the how and the why are made easy to understand. This book is fun to read (short articles which keep your attention) and contains a lot of useful insight and aha-experience!

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  1. lovely books!
    where can i find them?

    1. I think you can find them on amazon! or in good bookstores, museums, etc...


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