The Floppy Hat

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The Floppy Hat

March 1, 2013

Saint Laurent 2013 Spring
Spring is on its way, and so are the 70s. Among the black and white stripes, psychedelic prints, featherlight maxi skirts and plateau sandals, there is one item making a prominent comeback for the new season: the floppy hat.
The recently rechristened label Saint Lau­rent – yes, they decided to cut the “Yves” – sent each and every one of their models down New York’s Fashion Week catwalk with a big, inspir­ing hat on. The floppy hat has a wide brim, is made out of felt and is never to be worn in the rain. It is for fabulous sunny days only. It can be worn with colorful sunglasses and floating dresses.
Do you suddenly have the urge to go shop­ping for a hat? Visit Sombrereria Mil near Plaça Catalunya; here you will find just the hat to fit your face and style – and don’t forget, matching gloves!

Sombrerería Mil

Fontanella 20, Barcelona
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