H&M and Beyoncé = An Ode to Boobs and Booty

Hi, I don't know what you've been up to these last weeks, but I have been busy working my ass of as a stylist. On one hand as a full-time stylist for an online shop and on the other hand I still love doing freelance styling for magazines, which has been going pretty well!
I really love my job but handling skinny models all day long can give you quite a shift of perception of how a woman should look. That's why I am more than happy about the new H&M campaign with Beyoncé Knowles! Although you can tell that her waist is photo-shopped, I appreciate how they still left her curves and didn't transform her into a bone for their new bikini collection! For me this is a small step back to "normality", showing that there are a lot of different body shapes that can be absolutely gorgeous! And maybe more shops will follow the lead of H&M... What do you think?