Online Shopping

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April 1, 2013
Online shopping is fun – receiving that parcel is almost like a second Christmas. Never was there more choice than now, and with big companies like Asos and Zalando offering thousands of products at low prices with free shipping, the smaller shops must either follow or disappear. The less well-known shops provide you with a more exclusive offer.
Agatha Torres gives you a creative experience: not only can you choose the color of your shoes but also the shape and height of your heels. If you love buying clothes, accessories and houseware on one site and are looking for some­thing different, La Casita de Wendy is the perfect place for you. But my favorite is Be Melina. Melina started her shop because her friends were always asking her where she got her gorgeous ac­cessories; now they are available in her store. And the good news is all these shops ship for free.


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