Summer Fabrics

This is my article in the July issue of miniguide.es

Summer Fabrics

July 1, 2013

Whether you’re staying in Barcelona or going away on vacation, at some point you’ll have to put on more than a bikini.
But if your clothes stick to your body as soon as you get dressed, then it’s time to examine the little tag inside your shirt. If it says polyester, acrylic or nylon it’s no surprise you don’t feel comfortable. Synthetic fabrics seal in heat and humidity and prevent your skin from breathing. A common mistake people make when temperatures are rising is to wear linen or silk. Although these materials are pleasant to wear, linen creases easily, unflattering, and silk is frustrating since sweat leaves a permanent stain.
Better options for the hottest months are cotton and viscose. These fabrics are made from natural fibers and have an open weave which allows air to flow around the body, providing a comfortable fit. If you’re looking for some good-quality cotton basics, try American Apparel.


Berlin Fashion Week SS2014: Augustin Teboul

Augustin Teboul is the story of two designers, Annelie Augustin and Odély Teboul, who want to re-discover femininity through a fashionized surrealism. Seducing in all their collections is the dominating black and lace, shaped to wondrous yet luxurious accessories and clothes.
"Augustin Teboul stands for an exclusive, avant-garde and yet mind-blowingly feminine look."
Have a look for yourself.

 All pictures by Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.



DIY Navajo Print

This is my article in the June issue of miniguide.es

DIY Navajo Print

June 1, 2013

There are always a lot of choices for patterns in summer but Navajo seems to be everybody’s favor­ite this season.

The Navajo pattern comes from the Indian tribe in the southwest US, talented weavers who create beautiful combinations of pattern and color.
If you want to make your own Navajo pattern, however, there are easier ways than weaving one. You will need a pencil, a ruler, paper, scissors, pins, textile paint, a paintbrush and the piece you want to print (preferably made out of cotton).
1. Sketch the desired pattern (you can find plenty of ideas on the Internet) on paper, then cut out the parts you want to be colored.
2. Lay your self-made stencil over the fabric, but be sure to place cardboard below what you are color­ing so as not to stain anything else.
3. Secure the stencil with pins and use your paint­brush to color in the pattern.
4. Let the paint dry and repeat this step as many times as you want in order to create your own Navajo pattern.


Berlin Fashion Week SS2014: Julian Zigerli

Fashion week is already over... It always passes by so fast.
I went to Julian Zigerli's show and he was definitely one of my favorites of the menswear designers. For the prints of his collection named "At the end of the world to the left" Julian Zigerli collaborated with the Artist Katarina Grosse. The show took place at the Cruise&Callas Location where Katarina Grosse installed two big art installations, one of them was a huge balloon with spray paint. The minute the models started their walk the balloon began to move which created a cool effect. The models and the music were very well selected for the show and the styling was perfect from head to toe. Julian Zigerli's collection shows us yet again that we shouldn't take fashion to serious and just have fun. Even if the world ends.

Click here if you want to see the video of the show!

All pictures from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.


Silly Sunday Style: Fucca & The Knit Kid

"I spend my Sunday afternoons dressing up for nothing. I don't actually go anywhere."

Today I went to Wedding Dress, an upcoming designers market in Wedding,Berlin. I lost my heart to an amazingly stylish hat, that I sadly couldn't afford. But I found this cool neon-colored collar from the label The Knit Kid. I love the combination of the trendy color and the somewhat antic knitted shape. The cap is from fucca, an upcoming label that can be expected to boom any moment. Isn't the wood application the raddest thing you've seen in a while? I think so! Boom Boom!


Berlin Fashion Week SS2014: Hien Le

The opener of this years fashion week was Hien Le, a show I've been looking forward to since his last Fall/Winter collection. So, Tuesday morning I went to the fashion tent full of expectations but surprisingly I got disappointed.
Hien Le used a lot of sandy colors, white, some green, light blue, coral and a palm tree print and as usual very classical silhouettes. Although the show was a success and he will have a lot of positive reviews, I think he went a bit to far on the safe side, I dare not to say boring. It was all very wearable, thus sell-able but honestly I couldn't see anything new in the shapes he was presenting, the collection seemed so "all-ready seen". Even the coral, which was a beautiful tone, isn't daring anymore, we have had it for two summers in a row.
I can only hope that Hien Le will be more daring for next Fall/Winter 2014, because today he really didn't convince me.

All pictures from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.
To see the whole Hien Le SS 2014 collection, click here.

Stay tuned for more reports about the Green Showroom, Julian Zigerli and more from the Fashion Week SS2014!