Summer Fabrics

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Summer Fabrics

July 1, 2013

Whether you’re staying in Barcelona or going away on vacation, at some point you’ll have to put on more than a bikini.
But if your clothes stick to your body as soon as you get dressed, then it’s time to examine the little tag inside your shirt. If it says polyester, acrylic or nylon it’s no surprise you don’t feel comfortable. Synthetic fabrics seal in heat and humidity and prevent your skin from breathing. A common mistake people make when temperatures are rising is to wear linen or silk. Although these materials are pleasant to wear, linen creases easily, unflattering, and silk is frustrating since sweat leaves a permanent stain.
Better options for the hottest months are cotton and viscose. These fabrics are made from natural fibers and have an open weave which allows air to flow around the body, providing a comfortable fit. If you’re looking for some good-quality cotton basics, try American Apparel.


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