Happy Summer: Smoothie Ice Cream

This summer is so lovely and long lasting that I decided to share a few ideas and tricks that could make your summer better, easier,  and simply happier!

#2: Smoothie Ice Cream

One thing I love about summer is how easy it is to prepare fresh and healthy treats like an ice cream. If you lack of ideas, here is a little tutorial for a yummy smoothie/ice cream (depending on what you want it to be).

Buy fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries and deep-freeze two thirds of them. If you want it to become ice cream, freeze all of the fruits.

 Put them all together in your favorite combination. I chose strawberry to be the main flavor and added raspberry and blueberry only in a small amount to complete the taste.

Pour cream on top of it. Alternatively you can use soy milk or almond milk, just make sure to consume it right after you prepare it, fresh fruits and milk is always a delicate mix because of the acids.

If you want it to be a smoothie, fill the container at least until it's half full. There is no need to add sugar, the sweetness of the strawberries is strong enough! If you feel like it you can add mint or lemon balm. There are really endless possibilities of combinations.

Put it all in your blender. I have a smoothie maker, but a normal electric blender will do, too.

Now it's blending time ;) To make sure all the frozen pieces get crushed, shake the container or stir with a spoon in between blending.

Fill in a cup and decorate. I put a few blueberries and a mint leave on top.

Serve and share!
Happy summer! :)


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