The Summer To Do List

  1. Call and meet a friend you haven’t seen in a long while
  2. Get flowers for your vase
  3. Organize a flashmob
  4. Make your own jewellery with friends
  5. Sleep in a tent in your own garden
  6. Go jogging early in the morning
  7. Visit something in your hometown you haven't seen yet
  8. Create new icecream flavors (click for tutorial)
  9. Try and discover new second hand markets
  10. Have breakfast on the balcony (doesn't matter who's it is)
  11. Make your own postcards and send them
  12. Go to the lake and have a picnic and swim
  13. Spend a week without facebook
  14. Water your plants!
  15. Get your eyebrows waxed
  16. Create a mix tape with all your favorite summer songs
  17. Buy a fancy hat
  18. Go to a fresh fruit and vegetable market
  19. Visit a fun fair
  20. Have a race with shopping carts
  21. Go rollerskating
  22. Get up early and watch the sunrise
  23. Dye your hair in a bright color
  24. Go to a concert
  25. Learn a new language
  26. Draw with side walk chalk
  27. Take a couch to the park
  28. Have a snowball fight with ice from the freezer
  29. Take your best friends to a photo-booth session
  30. Build sandcastles
  31. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest
  32. Get a glitter tattoo (pics following soon)
  33. Go skinnydipping
  34. wear all your favorite dresses (not at the same time)
  35. Photo bomb random peoples photos
  36. Meet a cute girl/guy
  37. Wear cherry-earrings
  38. Learn how to surf
  39. Trade your iPod with someone for a day
  40. Go camping
  41. Try veganism for a week
  42. Make friendship bracelets
  43. Have a water balloon fight
  44. Talk to a stranger
  45. Smile


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