10 Tips For Perfect Skin

With summer having ended some time ago and cold times ahead, a lot of woman complain about their skin getting bad. We are missing the sun, wrap ourselves in big scarves and put on more make-up for the festive season, no wonder our skin shows imperfection.
However it is not really complicated to follow some basic rules for a clear and radiant complexion! This is not an article recommending you to buy expensive products and tinctures, but some simple tips to make your skin better without spending too much time or money.

1. Never Touch Your Face 
My first and cardinal rule for a perfect skin! It is underrated but if you stop touching your face during the day, your skin will undergo a transformation you will never have expected. Simple, yet effective; you should make the conscious choice of not touching your face at all after your beauty routine. This means no rubbing your eyes, no scratching your nose, no leaning your chin on your hand palm! It will take some time to get used to, but the amount of bacteria getting to your face will decrease significantly which will lead to a clearer skin in a matter of days.

2. Remove Make-Up Before Sleeping
I thought this was common knowledge but apparently it isn't... During sleep your body is renewing all cells including skin cells, that's why enough sleep is so important. But even more important is a daily beauty routine at the end of the day. Clean your face (there is a ton of cleansing products to chose from, even whipes for the lazy ones), refresh it with a lotion and apply moisturizer. And this counts no matter what time of the day it is. Before you go to sleep, you take off your make-up. Point.

3. Keep Everything Clean
This means not only should you wash your make-up tools regularly, but also should you sanitize your phone, change your cushion covers and towels weekly and keep scarves and collars away from your chin (or wash them as well).

4. Use A Spatula For Your Creams
You can get them in drug-stores or beauty-departments in packages of 10 or so. It helps your products last longer and won't get bacteria from your fingers in them, which is essential.

5. Make Peelings On A Regular Basis 
Certainly, our skin renews itself naturally but peelings only improve this effect. They remove dead skin cells and unclog your pores, which makes your complexion more radiant in a matter of minutes. Soft peelings are recommended 1-2 a week, acid peelings only 1 or 2 times a year. Be sure to seek a professional for facial treatments!

6. Moisturize
Giving your skin moisture is a cardinal rule for a beautiful and even looking face. Every skin has different needs, but in general you should apply a refreshing gel in the morning and a soothing cream for the night. Also make sure to use a contour balm for your eyes, it will reduce wrinkles in the long run.

7. Have Mercy On Your Skin 
Be kind to your face. Don't squeeze and pull on your skin every day, give it some rest. If you have a lot of impurities and pimples allow yourself to pop them once a week, with clean fingers and tissues. Afterwards desinfect your skin and let it recover for the rest of the week. Put healing cream on little wounds and don't scratch them, because you don't want scars in your pretty face, do you?

8. Clear Out Your Beauty Case
The less you use, the better for your skin. Throw out all beauty products that you haven't used in a year. This counts for skin care as well as for make-up. Incidentally, beauty products also have an expiration date. It is indicated by a little sign of an open pot and a number, for example 24M, 12M or 6M, meaning the months the product is durable after breaking the seal of the package.

9. Invest In Good Tools
Once you start caring about your skin, maybe you want to put some money aside and invest in high quality products. You can start small with a professional foundation brush, then slowly build up your beauty case with long-lasting make-up and finish with high-class skin care. Always choose products with natural ingredients and as less silicones as possible.

10. Be A Good Girl 
Don't smoke, don't drink and don't go in the sun. Yes I know, sounds like a fun killer and I agree, but if you keep in mind that these are the three main factors of skin-aging, you should reduce them to a minimum. At least make the effort to drink plenty of water, eat healthy and as always I am preaching the use of daily sun protection. 
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