Color Story

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October 1, 2013
What we saw at the 2013 fall/winter edition of New York Fashion Week is finally ready to hit the streets. After a summer full of neon colors and overwhelming patterns, we are thankfully returning to muted colors to soothe our over-saturated eyes. The colorful summer influence, however, has not disappeared entirely. This winter we’ll be sporting fair colors accented by burgundy red or emerald green; an occasional deep orange or royal blue makes a refreshing eye-catcher. The forms too are returning to a more classical silhouette with an athletic touch.
What I like most about this season is the combination of elegant trends. Non-colors, the preppy look and tone-in-tone outfits can be combined perfectly to create a sleek, understated yet avant-garde look. Non-colors range from shades of white to beige or gray, perhaps with touches of red, blue or green. The preppy look’s comeback is a response to our sometimes too obvious attempts to look seductive. You don’t need to show it all in order to appeal; we’ve seen it all anyways. Tone-in-tone outfits are known for their futuristic look but also their sober ap­propriateness for work.
During the NYFW, labels like Rodarte, Proenza Schouler and Lacoste sent their models down the catwalk in head-to-toe muted colors. Minimal differences in shades are like the bot­tom notes of a perfume: restrained but essential in bringing out the wearer’s personality. You can keep this look as pure and simple as you want, but it will never fail to make a statement since a tone-in-tone outfit is like poetry – a color story waiting to be told.


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