Fake Fur

This is my article in the November Issue of miniguide.es

Fake Fur

November 1, 2013
Real fur coats belong in the Stone Age. These days the fashion industry invests a great deal in producing synthetic fur that looks and feels exact­ly like real fur. And while we’ve had some winters when fur was out, this season fur is definitely back among the top items to wear: fur coats as well as fur accents such as on cuffs, gloves and hoods. My favorite item for the season is a fur cap shaped like a riding helmet.
Unfortunately many pieces lack a descriptive label, so when you’re not sure what you’re holding, try this little test: pluck out a few strands (of course, make sure no one sees you doing this) and burn the sample. If it’s real, it will singe and smell like burnt hair. If it’s fake, it will smell like melted plastic and curl up into little balls as it melts. With this method you can be sure your fur pieces are cruelty-free.

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