Happy New Year!

I wish you a happy and stylish New Year 2014!

Styling by me: check out onedaystyling
Make-up and hair: Charlotte Kuhrt
Photography: Nina Von Kozierowski


Merry Christmas

I wish all my friends, readers and followers a very merry and foremost stylish Christmas!

This amazing picture was done by friends of mine:
Photography: Nicole Franke
Make-up: Charlotte Kuhrt
Styling: Lisa Polet
Model: Deborah @ md management


7 Ideas For Christmas Decoration

The presents are wrapped, dinner is ready and guests invited but you still need a few nifty ideas for decorations inside the house? 

Good idea for outside: An old lantern with different sizes of Christmas balls.

For all the colorful balls you didn't use on the tree: fill an old candy jar.
A nice touch for your lounge lamp: little hanging ornaments.

For vintage lovers: Upgrade your tree with old Christmas balls.
Ask your grandparents if they still have any.

Want to impress the neighbors? Hang the ornaments in your window.
Different lengths of threads will do the trick.
Empty ledge? Best place for cute little nativity sets! (this one is from Bolivia)

Use pattern tape and attach name tags for a little more style on the presents.


Food Is The New Black

It’s been a while now that I’ve been shaking my head at people taking and sharing pictures of their food online. 

I must say I am clueless how this became trendy all of a sudden. Is it the over flooding chef-shows on TV or the realization that almost everybody is able to create a somewhat creative cupcake?

I understand that you feel the urge of capturing your beautifully arranged food in a restaurant because you might be thinking “Hey, I have to show the world what masterpiece I ate before it turned it into something I flushed down the toilet.” but I remember talking about good food and about its taste, now it seems to be all about the looks. 
Nobody is asking anymore how it tasted but they rather love to gush about how perfectly polished looking it is.  
And then it hit me. Food is the new fashion!
Let’s show the world how spectacular, healthy and decadent we can wine and dine. If you haven’t figured it out yet, starving yourself is so out.
Isn’t it more exciting to leave the rest in awe how you can eat all these tasty delights and still look fabulous? Truth is you are not really eating it aren’t you? You just take silly filtered pictures with your silly sparkly phone.
And what about the daily pictures of totally ordinary food? Why? 
I know how take-away coffee and muffins look like… It’s mediocre!

I reckon with the holidays ahead, there is going to be an armada of candle-lit, decorated plate pictures. I get it, you are eating something truly inspiring and having a wonderful time. Now, that we’ve sorted that out, why don’t we all take a moment, put the fucking phones down, and enjoy the meal and time with our loved ones?!

In this spirit: Happy Holidays!


fashion gifts

This is my article in the December/January Issue of miniguide.es

Fashion Gifts

December 11, 2013
Putting gift cards under the tree is unoriginal. Show your loved ones you know what they’re yearning for. Even if you don’t know much about fashion, you know that buying someone clothes or shoes is a bad idea unless you are sure about the size. Here are a few ideas which won’t embarrass you:
  • A fun present for winter is a double pom pom beanie, available at Free People, which makes the wearer look a bit like Mickey Mouse.
  • For something more elegant, choose a knitted handbag, like the one from Stefanel, also available (less expensively) at Primark.
  • Tights with patterns are a hot trend now; you can find all kinds and colors at Calzedonia.
  • For book lovers, a good choice is Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington, creative director for American Vogue over the past 25 years.
Stylish holidays, on their way!