Barre Noire // Fashion Hero Contestant // MBFWB AW 2014

Okay, so I had second row seats for Barre Noire, which I was pretty excited about. I was wondering how Timm Süssbrich had developed since his little appearance at the German Fashion Hero tv-show (which was a big flop by the way) and I was afraid his first show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was going to be to commercial and to smooth all in all.
Sadly, I was right. The press release tells you about how grown-up the Berlin brand is now and how the collection represents 'one unexciting night in Sacramento'. Really? Unexciting is the word you are gonna print in the text about your collection? Don't get me wrong I still love Barre Noire, and I understand that designers have to make clothes that are wearable but what about the statement? The unknown and daring? I fear, now that Timm has entered the Runway he is going the same way as Hien Le last year. Acceptable but predictable.
Still, the collection was pretty good, the color scheme of a city sunset was beautifully chosen, the material a mixture of rough felt, wool and fake leather and the coats were fantastically well done. Yes, very grown-up indeed.

This model was filming the audience. Cool idea!

The closing outfit of Barre Noire, gold leopard print.

Oh and for the love of God, please choose better shoes next time! For yourself and the models!


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