Marcel Ostertag // Fashion Hero Winner // Backstage MBFWB AW 2014

Marcel Ostertag, winner of the Fashion Hero show, presented his autumn/winter collection yesterday evening at the tent. As I entered the backstage area, all the memories from when I worked there came back; the excitement, the rush, the adrenalin and the happiness to just be a part of it.
I talked to the new volunteers, who were all giggly and squirrelly and anxious to get started to dress the models, and when calming them down, reminding them there was enough time between each outfit to get the model undressed and dressed without panic, I realized how far I had come in one year. Yes, that's right, I moved to Berlin one year ago and since then I work full-time as a stylist, got several publications in fashion magazines and I keep writing my fashion articles for miniguide Barcelona. I am proud of what I achieved so far, and I will keep on going until I am in the place I want to be!
Back to Marcel Ostertag: The colors of his collection were dominantly beige-nude, blue and black. He opened the show in a silky white kaftan, being the most dramatic point of the show and the rest went smoothly as I predicted to the helping gnomes...


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